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Singapore Airlines presents “Deliciously Wholesome Meals”


Singapore Airlines turns 70 and in the diabolical industry of aviation that is an achievement. By now frequent flyers who globetrot the world for business or leisure would have known that Singapore Airlines is a leader when it comes to hospitality and cabin service. To celebrate the occasion, the SIA team based in Zurich, Switzerland launched their new concept ‘Deliciously Wholesome Meals’ for airborne travellers starting 01 September 2017.

The idea of ‘Deliciously Wholesome Meals’ was launched in April 2016 and months later in partnership with Gate Gourmet, 18 dishes have been developed for passengers flying from Zurich to Singapore. Newly Swissed was one of the selected invitees to try out the dishes.

Singapore Airlines press event

Newly Swissed at the press event

The ingredients are Swiss and consider the value of ‘nutrition’. The concept’s main aim is to help the body recover from long-haul flights. Mayura Mohta, a Singapore resident Indian nutrition expert advised SIA on this project. She emphasised the dishes will focus on providing important nutrients to combat factors such as dehydration, exhaustion, jet lag and other travel-related stress.

Presentation of "Deliciously wholesome menu"

Deliciously wholesome menu

Deliciously wholesome menu

Appetizer, soup, main course, dessert

‘Healthy diet’ doesn’t necessarily mean it is ‘Vegan’ or ‘Vegetarian’. The focus is more on the ‘ingredients’, and its quality.

Ranjan Jha, the General Manager of SIA, Switzerland emphasised this point during a personal chat. He said,

People are more conscious today about what they eat. They wish to know where the ingredients are from. And, in my experience people in Switzerland tend to focus a lot about these factors.

In the event, there were few vegetarians like me. Although the dishes weren’t aimed at ‘vegetarians’, our requests were met immediately and ‘special’ meals were prepared exclusively for us. Isn’t that what customer service is all about?

Dennis Puchert, Michelin star chef

Dennis Puchert, Switzerland’s youngest Michelin star chef

These 18 dishes will be available initially through ‘Book-the-Cook’ option, and later, it will be integrated into the flight menu. The regular options available currently on the flight will continue and this addition is merely SIA’s way to service their customers better.

Parting gift from Singapore Airlines

Parting gift from Singapore Airlines

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