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Mating lions on the game drive at Kichaka Lodge.

We were not aware that the lioness will take the initiative and tell the lion king when to get up. And that she will do that every 10 minutes for two weeks during the mating season…

That’s probably where the ranger’s confidence came from when he went ‘They’re going to mate, watch this!’

Mating Lions at Kichaka

Needless to say that at the lion’s first attempt my camera didn’t work! I was desperately pressing the shutter release but it just wouldn’t click!

After the lion was done, I found out that the memory chip was full already from all those giraffes and elephants. What an amateur I was!

Mating Lions

But then I got lucky because by the time I had erased a couple of duplicate pictures the lioness started over again and we got to take these pictures here :)

Mating Lions

Mating Lions

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