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My house is your house – feeling right at home in the HUUS Hotel Gstaad


“Mis huus, dis huus – mis Herz isch es Hotel” (“My house, your house – my heart is a hotel.” ) Even though the song by Switzerland’s award-winnning rap duo Lo & Leduc (they rap in the Swiss German dialect) has absolutely no connection to the Hotel HUUS in Gstaad, I couldn’t get the catchy tune out of my mind during the drive there. Maybe it was that Latino groove?

Or could it be that the song’s refrain looping through my brain simply keeps bringing the hotel’s philosophy to mind?  You could say the two are linked, in a sense, since HUUS in Swiss German means “house” or “at home” and the HUUS Gstaad management team of Günter Weilguni und Mirka Czybik spare no effort to make their guests feel right at home in their Alpine vacation oasis.

C’mon to my HUUS in Gstaad

Appealing, with much attention to detail, down-home with a touch of luxury — this is how the lounge and lobby of Hotel Huus present themselves. With 136 rooms and suites, HUUS Gstaad is not only the newest but also the largest hotel in Saanenland. And it’s a member of Design Hotels – Boutique & Luxury Design Hotel Collection.

The HUUS Gstaad reception

The HUUS Gstaad reception

Lobby and hotel drive

Lobby and hotel drive

Still, for a moment, Walter und I don’t quite have the same first impression; to me, the lobby seems slightly austere, while it impresses Walter as quite mystical and thrilling. Nonetheless, we do agree readily that it would be easy to while away the time in the lobby and lounge with reception, bar and shop — which would please our hosts no end, as they describe this space to us as the heart of the HUUS.

And, here we go again: those Lo & Leduc lyrics “my heart is a hotel” instantly start tripping through my mind again… As the saying goes: home is where the heart is!

Lobby and Shop Huus Gstaad Hotel

The HUUS "living room"

The HUUS “living room”


Rooms that combine nature with Swiss design

We are both instantly captivated by our room design’s subtle Alpine flair. Here, too, the hues are shaded slighly to the subdued side, so that the vividly colored accessories and lamps make for a beautifully eyepleasing contrast.

Double room in chalet style

Double room in chalet style

Double room in chalet style

Bathroom Huus Hotel Gstaad

A look inside the bathroom – where on earth is the clever photographer’s reflection?

The luxury beds in HUUS are made in the famous Swedish Hästens manufactory. Generations of craftsmen have been building mattresses there by hand for more than a century using only pure, ethically-sourced natural materials. The upper mattress, for example, has stuffing made of horsetail hair! It is apparently especially conducive to less waking up during the night and affording a deeper, more restful sleep…

Guests interested in a (quite expensive) Hästens bed can test various firmnesses right there in the HUUS and buy theirs at an unheard-of discounted price. That strikes us as a truly innovative collaboration and perk for HUUS guests!

Having taken in all these details in our room, we discover its balcony with a fantastic view of the Rüeblihorn under a blue sky. But, it is a fact that weather in the mountains changes often and quickly. This is vividly brought home to us more  than once during these two days vacationing in the HUUS.

 Rüeblihorn under blue skies

Rüeblihorn under blue skies


Mountains ringing Gstaad

A view of the mountains ringing Gstaad

A world of culinary pleasures

As the whim moves you, choose either the HUUS Restaurant for enjoyable dining (incidentally, this is where breakfast is also served) or the à la Carte Restaurant La Vue. We opted for the latter.

Thanks to our table having a view of the open show kitchen, it was easy to keep an eye on the intense goings-on there. The dishes are expertly and expeditiously prepared by the kitchen brigade around head chef Giuseppe Collela. We hear the “si, chef” almost constantly singsong-like amidst the creative hubbub in the kitchen.

Restaurant HUUS

Restaurant HUUS

Restaurant La Vue HUUS Hotel Gstaad

Restaurant La Vue – wonder why they named it that?

Zander filet with vegetables

Zander filet with vegetables

Giuseppe Colella Restaurant La Vue HUUS Gstaad

Head chef Giuseppe Colella in Restaurant La Vue

By the way, when the little hungries hit, they will also serve you snacks or opulent burgers in the “Living Room,” which is what they call that awesome bar and lounge area we admired when we first set foot in “our” HUUS.

Bar and lounge HUUS Hotel Gstaad

Bar and lounge, a.k.a. the “Living Room”

Bar Menu HUUS Hotel Gstaad

Bar Menu HUUS Hotel Gstaad

Cheeseburger with fries

Cheeseburger with fries – yummy!

From Thursday through Sunday, modern dishes in the tapa style are served in the legendary “Stollen” on whose dance floor guests have often been known to shake a leg or two. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence of some pretty wild nights…

Seating corner in the Stollen

Seating corner in the Stollen


My wheels, your wheels

HUUS offers an extensive selection of all-inclusive recreational activities. In the summer, for example, these include rafting, mountain bike tourings, Nordic walking routes as well as guided hikes, all included in the stay. This way, as Mirka Czybik explains, the hosts get to share their passion for the beautiful Gstaad region with their guests and hopefully inspire them to explore it in varied ways of their choosing.

The next morning, when CEO Günter Weilguni catches sight of us in our hiking garb, he presses the keys to the hotel’s Landrover Evoque convertible on us, with a wide grin encouraging us to “exercise” the HUUS car a little. We let his wish be our command! ;-)

Walter and me with the HUUSmobile

Walter and me with the HUUS mobile

HUUS also makes available sport and leisure equipment. While staying at this hotel, you could say that (almost) everything also belongs to the guests. As I reflect on this, it of course instantly triggers Lo & Leduc again, rapping about “my house, your house” to me !

This 4-star hotel, incidentally, also has a 2,000 m2 spa and wellness area. It sports a giant pool that is very popular with the kiddies. The spa, relatively speaking, is small, but is perfectly suited for a sauna session after a hike.

Our thanks go to…

…Mirka Czybik and Günter Weilguni for the generous invitation! We would be remiss if we did not report that Tyrol native Weilguni was named  2017 Hotelier of the Year by Swiss business magazine Bilanz shortly before our arrival at his HUUS. Congratulations!

As Bilanz put it in the award citation: “Thanks to persistence, a talent for networking and a feel for the Saanenland’s unique features, Günter Weilguni, together with the investor Marwan Naja, put the somnolent Steigenberger through a drastic cure and turned it into the modern hotel dreamworld that is the HUUS.”

Well deserved, bien joué!

Host Mirka Czybik and CEO Günter Weilguni

Hostess Mirka Czybik and CEO Günter Weilguni with their topless speedster

Hotel address

HUUS Gstaad
Schönriedstrasse 74
3792 Saanen-Gstaad
Website Hotel HUUS


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