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Grindelwald glacier gorge – roaring water and a blue spider’s web!


Grindelwald in the Bernese Oberland offers an unbelievable number of getaway destinations. One of them is the impressive glacier gorge at the foot of the Eiger north face.

Jungfrau trail mix

Grindelwald is surrounded by a spectacular mountain scenery that centers on the dramatic Eiger north face and the Wetterhorn.

No wonder that the Jungfrau Region is famous for lots of hiking opportunities at airy elevations. We did the Eiger panorama trail, which we can energetically recommend.


One of the Bachalpsee lakes on the Eiger panorama trail

If you prefer staying in the valley, then be sure to visit the Grindelwald glacier gorge.

Entrance of the Grindelwald glacier gorge

The Mettenberg mountain before entering the Grindelwald glacier gorge

The breathtaking Grindelwald glacier gorge

Are you sure we’re in the right place?

I say with a slight head scratching, as we park in front of the sign that says “Glacier Gorge”. But Walter climbs out of the car unperturbed, in that stoic, quiet way of his and simply proceeds to put on his jacket and hiking boots.

So, I tag along behind him and prepare myself mentally for whatever lies ahead. Gradually, I start getting an earful of the roaring white-water Lütschine. Ok, that tells me that, indeed, the gorge must be nearby.

But then… wow!

Entrance tunnel Grindelwald glacier gorge

Entrance tunnel

Mother Nature rocks

As we emerge from the tunnel that leads to the canyon, I’m wowed by the view that opens before me: over millenia, Mother Nature has carved an impressive artwork out of the rocks, working only with glacial melt water!

Wooden walkway into the gorge

Wooden walkway into the gorge

Grindelwald Glacier Gorge

The Lütschine between vertical rock walls. Stunning!

The Lütschine’s water masses thunder as they tumble between the vertically rising rock walls. You can hardly hear yourself talk.

Even though the lower Grindelwald glacier is gone today, the gorge that was once covered by glacial ice is no less spectacular. You walk through it along hazardous-looking rock galleries. 

But easy, the walkway is baby stroller safe ;-)

Wooden walkway into the gorge

Wooden walkway into the gorge

Sound and light show

The 900-foot high rock walls are truly mind-bending in how they soon create a mystical mood. And the play of light that the sun creates along the steep walls has to be seen to be believed. Sensational!


Katja and Walter in the Grindelwald glacier gorge

We came, we saw, he conquered!

This excursion is an attraction for grown-ups and kids. The glacial canyon is staged in a sequence of different thematic worlds and offers a super look into the geological past: introduction (as far as I’m concerned, it could have started in the parking lot…) followed by how the gorge was made, its geology, water, glacier and the folklore surrounding it.

And then Spiderman!

A special thrill is in store for visitors with the striking blue “spiderweb” rig that sort of looks like the real thing. Lit up by blue and violet spotlights, it stretches across the chasm and is walkable.

Spider Web in the Grindelwald glacier gorge

The conspicuous blue spider web

I don’t quite trust the whole contraption and leave it to Walter to scramble over the interlaced large-meshed cables above the thundering Lütschine. It may not be his most elegant of walks on the bouncing cables, but it does look quite “aerial” :-)

Kids cavorting on the spider web

Kids cavorting on the spider web

Just another reason why the Grindelwald glacier gorge is worth the trip — even for the less daring among us!

Hours and prices

Open from May through October, daily 09:30 – 18:00 Uhr (Fridays, until 22:00)

Daytime admission (as of October 2018)
CHF 19.- Adults
CHF 17.- Guest coupon/ groups from 10 persons and up
CHF 9.- School classes, 10 persons and up

More impressions


Grindelwald glacier gorge

Katja on the zither :-)

Where to stay in Grindelwald

If you are looking for a modern, yet familial place to stay in Grindelwald, we recommend the Glacier Boutique Hotel – and, after all, the name fits right in with the glacier gorge ;-).

Boutique Hotel Glacier Grindelwald

Glacier Boutique Hotel with spectacular view of the Mettenhorn and Eiger North Face


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