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Take two luxury hotels, add two unique restaurants and mix in two modern farms, combine the six establishments into one and, voilà, a new Swiss hospitality brand is born: “The Living Circle.” Different though the six may be, together they share the same purpose: to create an experience that sophisticated visitors won’t soon forget…

In trendy Zurich-West, there are a number of spectacular brunches to enjoy. But only the Clouds Bistro located on the 35th floor of the Prime Tower, Zurich’s tallest building, will serve you a breathtaking view of Zurich and the lake with your breakfast. And so, on Sunday, we rose to those lofty heights to sample their “Urban Breakfast”…

Las Balsas Gourmet Hotel & Spa — a member of Relais & Châteaux — is located south of Patagonia’s Villa La Angostura; which overlooks the picturesque Lake Nahuel Huapi. This exclusive hotel features a private garden, a beach with an adjoining pier and a state-of-the-art spa facility. Chef Lucas Dabrowski further enhances the experience with hands-down the best food we tasted in Patagonia. It is absolutely the perfect place to spend a romantic respite.

I know, Rome has much more on offer than just this lengthy piazza that used to see chariot races in the old days. But still, once you’ve seen a couple of Rome’s most important landmarks you may as well sit down, watch the world go by and enjoy Italian style urban scenery on just this very square.

We got lucky when proprietor Alessandro Pagano invited us to try a five course luncheon at his country house Masseria Bagnara. Chef Angela Pagano and her staff offered the finest of the locally inspired cuisine.

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