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Awake from slumber: Hotel Bellevue-Terminus Engelberg


In the center of Engelberg, across from the train station, the Hotel Bellevue-Terminus holds sway — with a renovated interior that might just have been kissed awake like Sleeping Beauty …

Admittedly, as you are about to step into the more than 100-year old  building with its classical look you expect a somewhat “fusty” hotel interior with clunky, old-fashioned  furniture. But as you enter the lobby, let yourself be appropriately surprised to find that dynamic hoteliers Sina and Roger Filliger did a boffo job updating its Belle Epoque charm: a clean look and a subtle 21st-century color palette combine for a marvelously light ambiance. It really seems as if the place had just awakened from a century-long sleep…!

Lounge und Bar mit Kronleuchter

Lounge and bar with chandeliers

The Filligers took over Hotel Bellevue-Terminus in May 2009 and wasted no time having one of its wings renovated. Built in 1898, the establishment had been treated a bit like a stepchild for some time. This prompted the hotelier couple to bring their acquisition into the 21st century, both structurally and otherwise “internally,” and it looks to us like they succeeded wonderfully!

The colorful interior combined with modern and classical furniture creates a cozy atmosphere and sets fresh accents, for example, in the lovingly and decoratively furnished breakfast room.


Colorful and cozy: the breakfast room

By the way, the Sonntagszeitung newspaper in its hotel rankings recently rated Hotel Bellevue-Terminus a new rising star of mid-range hotels and Switzerland Tourism ranks it 24th of the 35 hotels in its Best Nice Price category.

The hotel rooms

The interior of the 57-room South Wing was completely stripped so that a modern interior life could be breathed into it. Here also they combine Belle Epoque elements with modern details, and in places they are even newly interpreted.


Superior Suite in violet

Superior Suite mit freistehender Badewanne

Superior Suite with freestanding tub

The hosts themselves like to call the combination a fusion. Depending on the room, guests sleep in  blue, violet, green or goldenrod yellow surroundings — all colors of the Belle Epoque.

Restaurant Yucatan

Yucatan Music Food Events

Yucatan Music Food Events

Also belonging to the house is the already legendary Yucatan, a restaurant with a trendy bar where  every weekend there are  parties and music happenings. “Things really jump” there — so we let ourselves be told. Saturday evening — let it be said, at “normal” dinner time and not stepping out time — we enjoyed a fine, leisurely evening repast. The menu selection ranges from Asian to Mediterranean cuisine and on to Mexican specialties, hence the Yucatan name…

It was choice!

Schottisches Lachssteak unter Nusskruste an Apfel-Ingwer Chutney auf Beluga-Linsen mit Holunderessig und Süsskartoffelperlen

Scottish salmon steak under nut crust with apple-ginger chutney on beluga lentils with elderberry vinegar and sweet potato pearls

During warmer times of the year, the Yucatan spreads out on the sun terrace with its lounge area and turns into a summer restaurant. Potentially with alphorn concert. Local color is obligatory…

Yucatan Restaurant

The Yucatan Restaurant

Engelberg golf course

This 18-hole course butts right up to the foot of the majestic local Titlis Mountain and is highly varied. Surrounded by imposing mountain country you can enjoy the glorious backdrop at every hole (just not when the clouds move in).

Fairway in Richtung Engelberg

Fairway in direction Engelberg

Obviously, on a golf course in the mountains you are bound to bump into animals. The wildfowl at Loch 14 turned out to be kind of special: an eagle carved from a single oak log! This hole, by the way, has it all!. Play an eagle at this short Par 4 (holing your ball in two instead of four strokes), and you get to join coveted Engelberg Eagle Club!

Adler am Eagle Hole

The eagle at  Hole14  before a Titlis spur

Here, too, Hole 19 of 18, as is so often the case, is definitely one of the most enjoyable holes :-)

No matter what, be sure to stop in the beautiful clubhouse after your round of golf.

Restaurant des Clubhauses

The clubhouse restaurant

Things to do around Engelberg

Besides the golf course with the unique mountain panorama, Engelberg naturally has all sorts of activities for energetic vacationers: hiking, biking, freeriding, golfing, or climbing — there’s something for everyone here. And, by the way, Engelberg is the jumping off point for the Titlis – one of the highlights of Central Switzerland and the only developed glacier in the area.

Fahnen vor den Spannorts

The Gross und Chli Spannort, a Swiss “Torres del Paine” seen from Obwalden/Uri

Wegweiser Wanderwege

All the hiking trails your feet can bear!

Our thanks go to…

Warm thanks to hosts Sina and Roger Filliger for the congenial invitation and the athletic golf round! We wish you much luck and every success with your future projects and many guests!

Sina und Roger Filliger

Sina and Roger Filliger after our golf round

Many thanks also to Golfclub Engelberg for the varied golf round!


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