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Park Weggis – Riviera feeling on Lake Lucerne


The hotel’s name says it all: Surrounded by its magnificent park-like grounds, the renowned Park Weggis resides right on the shore of Lake Lucerne.

With private lake access, beachfront and boat dock, and a stunning vista of the Rigi and the Swiss Central Alps, the hotel grounds instill a pure Riviera feeling!

Update October 29th
The hotel is currently closed. It is being refurbished and will reopen in the spring of 2019.

Here’s our original review:

We became aware of Park Weggis for the first time in 2006, because that year Brazil’s soccer team lodged here ahead of the World Cup in Germany. Ever since we had visited a training session by Ronaldinho and company in Weggis, Walter has harbored the wish to let himself be spoiled someday at the Park Weggis just like a Brazilian soccer star. He is sure he qualifies by virtue of his Young Masters soccer skills.

Well, his long-held dream came true; so now he is half Brazilian ;-)

The elegantly playful Park Weggis Hotel

Excited and full of anticipation for a sterling weekend, we set out on a gorgeous autumn day for Central Switzerland.

Almost as soon as we pull up to the front of the Park Weggis, we are greeted by the friendly concierge. With quick wit and without batting an eye he deflects Walter’s indefatigable clichés and welcomes us anyway. No doubt he’s seen and heard it all…

Right away, we feel we are in good hands and the moment we step out on the terrace (with unobstructed lake and mountain view) -– we can see we’re going to like it here!

View of the “Schlössli” wing and Lake Lucerne

Splendid view of the “Schlössli” wing and Lake Lucerne

View of park bench and Lake Lucerne

Park Weggis – the name says it all

The gorgeous park with private beachfront on Lake Lucerne is a super place to linger, Riviera feeling guaranteed! For a taste of the atmosphere, just check out our little video: “Around the Park Hotel Weggis in 80 seconds.”

But the amazement continues practically unabated inside the Park Hotel: Proudly, the personable hotel manager Peter Kämpfer shows us “his” hotel. The bustling host (the customary title given the manager in Relais & Châteaux Hotels) knows the Park Hotel’s history down to the smallest detail, having experienced and influenced all sorts of renovations, rebuilding, and expansions of the resort over the past 16 years. Throughout it all, he still greeted countless illustrious guests, among them Ronaldinho (and Walter…) personally.

Peter Kämpfer in the Rachmaninoff Suite

Host Peter Kämpfer in the Rachmaninoff Suite

The whole house is filled with chic designer furniture and luminaires, that skillfully contrast with the traditional and classic hotel ambiance to create an animated, playful atmosphere.

The rooms and suites

The 42 rooms and suites housed in the main building and the Schlössli wing were joined in July 2007 by ten other lavish, elegant “Adara Suites” located in an adjoining wing by the Japanese garden.

Japanese garden in front of the new suite wing Suiten-Trakt

Japanese garden in front of the new suite wing Suiten-Trakt

The “Adara” Suite has everything that appeals to us: simple design with premium materials and colors and, incidentally, a giant, two-level “Big Rain” rain shower with view (!) of Lake Lucerne. To Walter it seemed that in Switzerland he had only experienced a rain shower this size in the Vals thermal baths…

Anyone out there know? Does the Park Weggis in fact have the biggest rain shower anywhere?

Whatever the case, the junior suite surprises with still more amenities – such as the climate-controlled wine cabinet stocked with noble vintages. It doesn’t get any better!

Living Room and Bed in the Adara Junior Suite

Adara junior suite with generous design

But the Mark Twain suites in the Schlössli wing also leave nothing to be desired! Artwork by Howard Schatz, for example, helps set the mood here behind the free-standing bathtub.

Free-standing bathtub and artwork by Howard Schatz

Free-standing bathtub and artwork by Howard Schatz

Of additional interest, there is still also the two-story Rachmaninoff Suite to choose from…. We probably shot the most photos under the gables of the Schlössli wing.

Sofa in the Rachmaninoff Suite bedroom

Sofa in the Rachmaninoff Suite bedroom

Authors and composers seem to have enjoyed themselves in Weggis. And now we know why…

And the Brazil stars, too, are supposed to have been housed one per room and not by twos, as we hear is normal practice for training camps.

“Simple” fare at the Park Grill

Taking meals in the Park Weggis means having the agony of choice!

According to whim, you “must” decide between the Sparks Restaurant with its 15 Gault-Millau points or the promising grill restaurant Park Grill.

Sparks Restaurant in with sunset mood

Sparks Restaurant in with sunset mood

We chose the Park Grill by André Jäger that just opened this past spring. This is the grill restaurant’s concept as developed by Schaffhausen’s Chef André Jäger who is endowed with 19 Gault-Millau points: pure and authentic. In other words, here is practiced the courage to be simple: what goes on the plate is a cut of meat – that’s it.
But what a cut!

Entrance to the Park Grill gourmet restaurant

Entrance to the Park Grill gourmet restaurant

We had a Nebraska Wagyu tenderloin and a US prime Black Angus filet and were blown away by the quality of the meat! It needs no fancy frills; you let the star take center stage and just delight in every single bite of the beef as it melts tenderly in your mouth.

Nebraska Wagyu tenderloin

Heavenly Nebraska Wagyu filet

Ok, the price is not nothing… the Wagyu filet will set you back a hefty 90 CHF (side dishes are extra, and so are appetizers and desserts, of course.) However, never have we had such a succulent piece of beef in Switzerland! We need to hark back to Argentina to make it into the same league.

And so it also came as no surprise when we learned a few days later that the Park Grill was awarded 14 Gault-Millau points! Sincere congratulations!

Definitely worth mentioning is also the legendary house wine cellar, with more than 2,500 different wines – – among them unusual, rare and sought-after bottles from the world’s best vineyards. On the card among them you can also find very noble vintages from the Sine Qua Non wine estate.

Depending on rarity, the prices for a bottle of wine are not exactly in the stamp money range. But selected wines are also served discreetly by the glass, so that even moderate wine drinkers like us can have a glass filled with a special variety. Definitely do not pass up this offering with the Wagyu!
So, to your very good health!

Park Weggis wine cellar

Park Weggis wine cellar

The Spa Cottages

As aficionados of private spas, we certainly could not pass up the chance to visit an Asian Spa Cottage! The 70m2 “cottages” are outfitted with whirlpool, Kneipp fountain, sauna or steam room, foot basin and relaxation zone with waterbed. They provide two hours of pure pleasure in a private space with Far Eastern ambiance.

Footbath with fountain Private Spa

Private Spa Cottage

Two more highlights of the “Sparkling Spa” – the name given the wellness area – consist, first, of the infinity pool of black natural stone in a temple-like structure with columns with a wonderful view of the lake and, second, the Tibet-inspired relaxation room. Out of this world!

Tibetan-style relaxation room in the Sparkling Spa

Tibetan-style relaxation room in the Sparkling Spa

With thanks to…

Sincere thanks to Host Peter Kämpfer for the generous invitation and the entertaining hotel tour, and to Nadine Kämpfer, Head of Marketing, for the perfect organizing!

A further big thank you to the entire service- team for the hospitality, and to Cornelia Neefe, the Park Grill’s Chef de Service and her thoughtful team, for terrific service.

If you are interested in staying at the Park Weggis, find out here about prices and availability.

The Five Star Superior Park Hotel Weggis is a member of Relais & Châteaux and Swiss Deluxe Hot


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