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Findeln chalet village near Zermatt and a mountain gourmet trifecta


Zermatt is known far and wide as a gourmet destination. Visitors really face the agony of choice with over 100 restaurants and counting. Should you go for something “simple and down to earth”? Or make it something on the refined haute cuisine side? In our case, we tasted our way through a total of 41 Gault Millau points in the chalet village of Findeln…

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Findeln Chalet Hamlet

Findeln perches at an altitude of 2,020 meters above sea level. This petite hamlet above Zermatt is not only known for its picturesque little chalets and the most perfect perspective on the Matterhorn but also for top flight gastronomy!

Chalet in Findeln with the Matterhorn in sight

It is a comfortable walk to Findeln, with the Matterhorn always in sight

On the invitation by Zermatt Tourism, we follow the “Gourmet Round” through the following three restaurants. The plan: have the first course in the “Paradise” restaurant, feast on the main dish at “Chez Vrony”, and delight in the dessert in the “Findlerhof”.

Pointing the way to restaurant Paradies Zermatt

Pointing the way to restaurant “paradise” ;-)

Paradies Restaurant, 13 Gault Millau points

Native Gaston Zeiter, our host in Paradies Restaurant, is ready for us with the appetizer. As is often the case with star chefs, Gaston, too, comes across as a bit reticent and shy. But, when he dishes up the starter (together with plenty Heida wine) and sees how beside ourselves with enthusiasm we react, his face beams. The ice is quickly broken between him and the bloggers and Instagrammers oohing and aahing over the dish and taking pictures of it from every angle!

Host Gaston Zeiter in his restaurant Paradies Zermatt

Our host Gaston Zeiter

He proudly presents the first course he created especially for us — or so he pretends — , a barley soup with chives, a raclette with Heida cheese and a boiled beef salad. What a special combination! Gaston also lets us in on a secret: for him, butter is the be-all and end-all and so it often plays a supporting but important role in his menus. When it finally quiets down around the table after the initial excitement, we settle down to enjoying the first course, reduced to nodding appreciatively to each other now. Just sporadically picking up the camera and shooting…

The table is set at the restaurant Paradies Zermatt

The table is set. Let it begin!

Boiled beef salad, raclette and barley soup

Boiled beef salad, raclette and barley soup first course

Restaurant Paradies
CH-3920 Zermatt
Phone +41 27 967 3451
Paradies Website

Chez Vrony, 14 Gault Millau points

The moveable feast moves on to Vrony, known everywhere around here. Her husband Max is our man this time, and he is already waiting for us, beaming at us as if we travel bloggers were emirs from Qatar. Things are moving a bit faster at Vrony than earlier in the day at Paradies. Here, the terrace is already very well occupied. No wonder — with this view!

Having briefly perused the menu, the consensus at the table is clear: the Original Vrony Burger times seven if you please!

The Original Vrony Burger, ladies' cut size

The Original Vrony Burger in the Ladies’ Cut version

Burger with view of the Matterhorn

Burger with a view. Like a postcard…

While the women can’t get enough of looking at the Matterhorn and taking pictures of the majestic mountain as if there were no tomorrow, Walter is stalking the inside of the building, camera at the ready. After all, there are beautiful subjects to be photographed here, too, starting with the design luminaires and furniture by famous designer Heinz Julen – Vrony’s brother.

As a side note, Vrony took over the restaurant in 1995 from her father and since then has been the hostess with the mostest, in body and soul! Evidently so!

Chalet Chez Vrony Zermatt

Chalet Chez Vrony

View of the spectacular Matterhorn

The spectacular Matterhorn

Hosts Max and Vrony

Hosts Max and Vrony

Chez Vrony Restaurant
CH-3920 Zermatt
Phone +41 27 967 25 52
Website Chez Vrony

The Findlerhof, 14 Gault Millau points

At long last, dessert awaits us at the Findlerhof. Heidi serves us a warm chocolate cake with fruit. With it comes an “evil coffee,” it goes without saying. The cake’s inside is still slightly viscous and simply melts on the tongue… what a crowning finale to this gourmet trifecta in Findeln!

Entrance to the Findlerhof Zermatt

Entrance to the Findlerhof Restaurant

Hospitality with heart in the Findlerhof Zermatt

Hospitality with heart in the Findlerhof Zermatt

Chocolate cake at the restaurant Findlerhof Zermatt

Sweet seduction at the Findlerhof Zermatt

Findlerhof Restaurant
CH-3920 Zermatt
Phone +41 27 967 25 88
Findlerhof Website

Our thanks go to…

… the three hosts that made this Gourmet Round possible! Many thanks also to Corinne of Zermatt Tourism for seeing to it that we showed up at the right time in the right place every time so that nothing was burned on the stove or got cold ;-)


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