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Thailand tour part 2 – Koh Phangan and the Anantara Resort


After four nights on Koh Samui, we moved on to Koh Phangan on a speed catamaran. This island is smaller than Koh Samui and consists mainly of jungle making us float in seventh heaven …

Behind the hotels, there are a few sleepy villages in which the Thai people work and live. Koh Phangan is booming, however. Thanks to the full moon, empty moon, half moon, and their many after parties, many tourists end up in Koh Phangan. Still, the island is far from being as full as Koh Samui and not as touristy – not yet, anyway. That being said, they’re working on improving the infrastructure. New, broader streets and an airport will increase the island’s capacity. We do hope that the beautiful little Thai villages will remain as wonderfully sleepy and relaxed as they are today, and that the “ballyhoo” of Chaweng Beach will not hit this island.

The Anantara Rasananda Resort on Koh Phangan

At the northeastern end of the island, at the Thong Nai Pan Noi beach, you’ll find the five-star resort Anantara Rasananda. Everybody who wants to feel like Tarzan and Jane in seventh heaven will find themselves feeling like they’re being rocked to sleep on a bed of clouds. Located the middle of tropical fauna and flora and directly on the shore, this resort is designed openly and in harmony with nature and is most probably one of the best of its kind on this island.

The hotel exterior, built in harmony with nature

The hotel exterior, built in harmony with nature

With incredible attention to detail, the hotel staff takes care of the vast facility and does everything to ensure the well-being of guests. Huge Koi ponds and a labyrinth of paths and bridges connect the guest bungalows. Without much kitsch or exaggerated modern architecture, the little huts blend into the palm forest very well and allow the beach and jungle to appear almost untouched.

On Koh Phangan, life is simpler. Anyone who has had the pleasure of spending their holidays on a small island knows about the limited resources available. Despite this, this resort does not leave anything to chance. The acclimatized standard bungalows offer everything the heart desires: Apple TV, a minibar with excellent and free spirits, a private jacuzzi on the balcony, hotel-branded flip flops (in different sizes, of course) and a prepacked beach bag are just a few of the many amenities that make daily life in the bungalow a smooth experience.

Even in the jungle, the wine is always at perfect temperature.

Even in the jungle, the wine is always at perfect temperature.

The Thai cooking course which we were treated to during the stay was great. In very good English, the sous-chef introduced the guests to the art of the Thai kitchen. The prepared menu, of course, can be enjoyed at the end of the class. On top of this, we received a bottle of wine as a present. We’ll never forget the slightly reddened face and the scratchy voice of our native Thai chef when he said, “Uh, that’s spicy. Perfect!” after we’d had our way with the chilis.

Uuh … that’s spicy…

Sous-chef of the Anantara Resort in action

Sous-chef of the Anantara Resort in action

The location of the hotel could be described as a minor flaw. The resort is situated on the side of the island facing the open ocean and so it’s not always possible to relax on calm waters on your air mattress. But wave jumping is definitely a lot of fun and brings much-needed refreshment.

Whoever doesn’t feel like doing this can enjoy a snorkeling trip to Koh Ma Beach in the Northwest. This bay boasts very beautiful island scenery, mostly calm waters and a house reef with plenty of fish and a huge anemone garden. Although the underwater life doesn’t quite compare with the Red Sea or an intact reef on the Maldives, it’s still very beautiful and diverse and offers a great experience to divers and snorkelers.

Dining at the beach

Dining at the beach

In the Anantara Rasananda hotel, each evening has its own motto. There’s a lobster night, open-air cinema or a classic Thai buffet at the beach. This is always accompanied by a hip Electro DJ or a fire artist. Those who don’t feel like enjoying the incredible cuisine of the hotel can visit the village next to the resort. There, many Thai restaurants offer authentic and affordable menus. Those who opt for a romantic dinner on the resort’s beach should not miss out on the roasted duck with a tamarind reduction and asparagus. This is one of the chef’s masterpieces that brings the day to its end in style…

View into the spa of the Anantara Resort

View into the spa of the Anantara Resort

We enjoyed the five days in this resort very much. The staff, which speaks English very well, does its best to fulfill all the guest’s wishes and shows an incredible dedication. The enchanting surroundings, the island’s relaxed atmosphere, the incredible food and the beautiful weather in this resort come together to create an especially nice holiday experience.

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