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5 of New York’s more Exclusive Attractions for the Discerning Traveller


For anyone visiting New York, time is simply never enough. Whether it is your first time visiting the Big Apple or your 12th, there is always something new to see or find.

Of course, there are the usual tourist hotspots like the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, the Museum of Modern Art and everyone has to see the NYC skyline, both in the day and at night. But, if you scratch beneath the surface you always find spots that are gold dust for the discerning traveller, some of which we will touch upon in this article.

Central Park

Why not give yourself a gentle introduction to the city by exploring one of its natural gems; Central Park. These 843 acres of pure beauty, vibrant flora and hidden histories is never short of tourists, but if you can avoid the crowds, you can enjoy the whole day there if you want to.

New York Central Park looking East

Central Park looking East
© Ed Yourdon

If you want to enjoy this little gem a little quicker though, and then spend the rest of your day elsewhere, you can witness it all by bike. You can rent one for two-hours, which could be plenty of time and exercise for one day.

Film Forum

New York is known to be a lover of films and Film Forum puts you at the front of some of the top movies mentioned in the New York Times. From indie features through to documentaries and some of the best foreign art, you can experience films from the world’s top film festivals.

If you go to the concessions stands on your visit, you could get some lemon-poppy sponge cake too, which goes down a dream.

Bowery Ballroom

From film to music, the Bowery Ballroom hosts some of the upcoming acts that are making positive movements in their career, so you can hear them first before they make the big time. This is the perfect spot for music lovers and is home to the city’s best sound system. It’s a great atmosphere every night too, so you can rock the night away.

Grand Central Terminal

You may have seen this incredible terminal on a number of top movies, but that doesn’t even begin to explain this attraction’s history and stature. Gaze at the celestial ceiling mural elevated over the main concourse and feel like you are staring into a time machine.


Grand Central Terminal
© Muhammad Ghouri

If you get peckish you can indulge in some fresh seafood at the Oyster Bar and then wash them down later on with a drink over at the Campbell Apartment. There is so much to visit and see in this 100-year-old establishment, which makes it well worth a visit.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

It is quite easy to work up an appetite whilst walking round New York and there is no better way to feed that hunger than with a pizza. The people of New York love to argue and debate about where the best place for pizza is but this Pizzeria, located under the Brooklyn Bridge, is definitely a contender.

With a jukebox playing out some of the greatest classics from Frank Sinatra, you can relax in one of the most beautiful spots, with a view of Manhattan, and enjoy a great meal in the process. If you only have a few days to witness the best places in New York, for food, this has to be one of the best.

NYPD police car in action

NYPD police car in action

If you do only have one day or just a couple of days and want to witness some of the most exclusive hotspots in the Big Smoke, there is very few better ways to spend it than the places mentioned above.

New York in its entirety, could take up weeks and weeks of your time but if time is not on your side, then narrowing down your sightseeing will definitely be worthwhile.


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