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Tourists or not, Croatia’s Trogir is worth a visit!


Trogir – another of Croatia’s little towns. Medieval, precious, and tourists galore. Even so, don’t miss it!

Medieval architecture in Trogir Croatia

Medieval architecture abounds in Trogir

Anyone who goes on a road trip sooner or later sadly will have to end it and head home. For the return flight from ours, after we had toured Istria and Dalmatia, Katja decides on SWISS International Airlines from Split (after we had flown Edelweiss to Pula).

It’s called an open-jaw ticket with rental car transfer in between. No problem, we can manage that.

Since it was Katja who booked our trip, I’m just going with the flow – as the official photographer, that is! Still, I’m mostly in the dark when it comes to connecting the geographic dots.

When I announce to Sandra, an acquaintance in Croatia, that we are driving to Trogir the following day, she asks me in turn, if we’re already flying back?

“Flying” back? Already?

And, she advises…watch out for the traffic jam at the Trogir bridge! What bridge? What jam? To where?

One puzzle after another…

But, how she came to think of the return flight finally dawns on me on the way from Hvar Island to Trogir: The car ferry from Hvar/Stari Grad docks in Split. From there, you drive past the airport to Trogir. The airport is almost closer to the latter than to Split.

Well, that clears up puzzle 1: Split Airport could just as easily be Trogir Airport. But which it isn’t.

Picturesque Trogir

Anyway, Trogir’s old town forms a small island off the Adriatic coast.

Pier and waterfront promenade Trogir Croatia

Trogir’s pier and waterfront promenade


Bridge in Trogir Croatia

One of Trogir’s two bridges

It connects via two bridges (bring something to mind?) to the Croatian mainland and the island of Čiovo.

The medieval town’s mix of Renaissance, Baroque and Romanesque architecture is hardly recognizable at first look, so densely packed are the restaurants, bars, and shops. (Romanesque is the one before the Gothic style, i.e., it’s the one with fewer curlicues)

In between them are the narrowest of streets packed with tourists. And hawkers. And waiters. One of the restaurant touts addresses Katja.

You must be from Canada?

With a resigned roll of the eyes, she waves off. Or, maybe she’s just not hungry at the moment.

But, it’s not a bad hook. We were almost lured into a conversation. But then, I wasn’t hungry either.

Fortress Kamerlengo Trogir

Trogir’s Fortress Kamerlengo

Yacht and pier in Trogir Croatia

Sailing yacht moored at the promenade



Katja and Walter in Trogir

Tricky, keeping the camera’s shadow out of our faces!

Yachts in the Trogir marina Croatia

Yachts in the Trogir marina

Hotel Ola in Trogir

We are lodged just outside Trogir in a new designer hotel. Still, it’s well within walking distance. But one time we also take the water taxi to the little town. It runs there and back roughly every 20 minutes; the ride takes about 15 minutes. Recommended!

Fishing boat and water taxi Trogir

Fishing boat and water taxi anchorage by the Ola Hotel

Water taxis off the Ola Hotel Trogir

Water taxis off the Ola Hotel

Hotel Ola is the name of our lodging. Why it goes by that moniker we unfortunately were unable to find out.

Fans of ubiquitous chipboard will get their money’s worth here though.

Ola Hotel in Trogir, Croatia

Hotel Ola facade, chip boards and all

But, if you insist on having a rooftop infinity pool, you’ll be well pleased that you put up here. It comes complete with chaise lounges and hotel bar.

Ola Hotel in Trogir, Croatia

Rooftop infinity pool with view of Trogir

Ola Hotel in Trogir, Croatia

Spa pool with sublime view


And if you need to gaze on the ocean when arising in the morning or at breakfast, you will love this hotel.

Ola Hotel in Trogir, Croatia

Sunrise over Trogir and Ola Hotel

Ola Hotel in Trogir, Croatia

Room with seaview

Ola Hotel in Trogir, Croatia

Breakfast complete with view

The Ola team throws a barbecue twice a week. Don’t miss making a reservation!

Ola Hotel in Trogir, Croatia

Barbecue dinner event


And, here is the answer to Sandra’s bridge puzzle: Depending on the time of day, cars heading to Trogir in both directions jam up endlessly! Anyone living on the wrong side of the bridge and urgently needing to catch a plane at the neighboring airport has a problem.

It’s small comfort, but a new bridge may be under construction. But, why does it look like no one’s working on it?

New bridge construction near Trogir

New bridge construction near Trogir

From this perspective, the Ola Hotel sits on the “right” side of the bridge. Or of the airport :-)

Hotel adress:
Hotel Ola
Ul. Hrvatskih žrtava 296
21218 Seget Donji

Split – beauty or tourist beast?

Split is attractively situated on a peninsula on the Adriatic Sea. If you luck out and manage to grab a parking space, even if it is a bit far from the old town, don’t be choosy and go for it. We learned this the hard way…

But, once you get parked, Split with its harbor promenade, the cafés and restaurants, and especially its crooked alleys, offers an outstanding experience!

On all corners, they hawk self-guided walking tours to the streams of tourists. The damsel tour guides dressed medieval style we ignore and, self-guided, throw ourselves into the fray.

St. Domnius Cathedral Split Croatia

St. Domnius Cathedral

Pedestrian zone Split Croatia

Pedestrian zone with only a few people just then…

Straw hats in Split

GUESS which straw hat Katja absolutely had to have…

Our thanks this time go to…

… the helpful Hotel Ola! Karolina, thank you for the invitations and organizing our stay ;-)


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