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My Arbor Hotel in South Tyrol – a childhood dream comes true!


As a child, I always wanted to spend a night in a tree house. At last — if a “few” years later — this dream came true! And the wait was worth it! It turns out I got to spend the night in a luxury tree house…

Near the house I grew up in, there was a small patch of forest where there was indeed a tree house. But my parents always found the right excuse to keep me out of it: too cold, too wet, too dark, too dangerous to be all alone in the forest. So, it was a dream deferred… until now.

To be sure, I honestly don’t know if I even could have mustered the courage — those around me know that I’m not one of your great adventurers. Unless Walter sticks me in a pup tent in Botswana. But thereby hangs a whole other tale.

So, anyway, it finally happened, and I did spend the night in a tree house that, admittedly, had none of the drawbacks my parents would recite to me. In fact, it was much more comfortable and luxurious than I could have dreamed back then or, for that matter, even imagined as an adult.

My Arbor – the tree house tree hotel

We were already excited just driving from Brixen in direction Plose, South Tyrol, a mountain massif that offers beautiful hiking areas with the terrific Dolomite mountain panorama as backdrop.

Look! There!

Suddenly coming into view as if out of nowhere, there it was, peeking out from among the tops of the surrounding spruce trees, larches and birch trees, poised majestically on the mountain slope — my tree house “My Arbor.”

Reality check: It is a hotel built on stilts. On 66 tree trunks, to be exact.

My Arbor tree house exterior

My Arbor tree house exterior

Exterior with loggias of My Arbor Hotel

Exterior with loggias of My Arbor Hotel

My Arbor hotel Eisack valley

View from among the tree trunks into the Eisack valley

The garden all around still looks a tad like a construction site. No wonder, because the hotel just opened its doors in May 2018, just a few days before we arrived. But barely had we set foot in the lobby, all my construction worker worries evaporate.

It presents itself with incredible style, this light-flooded lobby: with lots of larch- and birchwood, an oaken floor, tons of natural quartz and porphyry, and glass of course — and wonderful orchids! Almost without exception, the building materials are sourced locally by the way.

Lobby My Arbor Hotel

The light-flooded tree house lobby…

Orchids in lobby My Arbor Hotel

… with many orchids…

Art objects My Arbor Hotel

… and objects d’art

Tree trunks Lobby My Arbor hotel

Here the tree trunks grow from the ceiling

Tree trunks in My Arbor tree house

Totally tree house: tree trunks as far as the eye can see

I am beside myself and can hardly wait to explore this supersized tree house! But before I get to that, I want to check out the sun terrace and the panorama it presents.

Sun terrace with Eisack valley view

Sun terrace with Eisack valley view

Treehouse My Arbor

At last: I get to enjoy “my” treehouse

Lounge My Arbor Hotel

Lounge with view

My Arbor Lounge

My Arbor Lounge

A suite to relax in at altitude

In this tree house, you have your choice of lodgings: Nest rooms, Hangout suites, or Treetop suites. It took us next to no time to go for a Hangout suite. Because here, in 46 m² with a glassed-in seating corner with marvelous views of Brixen and the Eisack Valley the relaxing promised to be especially… well, relaxing.

Hangout Suite My Arbor Hotel

Our Hangout suite with seating corner and view of the Eisack Valley

Hangout suite loggia My Arbor

Our Hangout suite’s loggia

The heady scent of larch and spruce wood that I had already remarked on in the lobby is beguiling. As a carpenter’s daughter I have always had a special feel for wood. And here I suddenly found I was running my hand over the wooden furniture and the loggia’s massive wooden beam — just like my father used to do to get a sense of the porous natural materials. Simply marvelous!

Instantly, I feel good, sure that waiting until now to overnight in a (luxury) treehouse had been worth it — and one furnished with box springs beds to boot!! ;-)

Bedroom Hangout suite My Arbor Hotel

Bedroom in our Hangout suite

Staircase with tree trunk-shaped lights

Staircase with tree trunk-shaped lights

Staircase with tree trunk-shaped lights

Staircase with tree trunk-shaped lights

Spa Arboris – Tree Wellness with a view

In the 2.500 m² Spa Arboris, five different saunas, beautiful relaxation rooms and a gorgeous garden with whirlpool make for relaxation close to nature. While I’m splashing around in the infinity pool, I let my eyes sweep across the treetops to the Eisack valley and the mountain ranges that ring it.

I have to be honest with myself: the tree house that I coveted as a child would probably not have pleased me like this one.

Spa in My Arbor Hotel

Spa in My Arbor Hotel

Sauna My Arbor Hotel

Sauna — with view, naturally

Relaxation Room My Arbor Hotel

A well-lit relaxation room for taking a break from everyday life

Interior pool in My Arboris Spa

Interior pool in My Arboris Spa with watergate to the outside pool


Diverse spa treatments are to be had here, each named after a local tree variety – larch, Swiss pine, mountain pine, and spruce. But we opt instead to lace up our hiking boots to explore the surrounding area that includes the Seiser Alp or the Grödner valley. We will post a separate piece on our excursion to the divinely beautiful Dolomites in the very near future.

This tree house’s cuisine is also a dream

Naturally, all that hiking and “wellnessing” also means that hunger lets itself be heard from. In My Arbor there’s no need to bring in your own food like in a genuine tree house. All you do here is stroll to the restaurant, let’s say for breakfast, and choose from among the various egg dishes or other breakfast delicacies on the menu.

Table tree house My Arbor

The table in the tree house is already set

Table with a view My Arbor Hotel

Table with view of the Eisack valley

Main Restaurant My Arbor Hotel

The main restaurant with its comfortable booths


Evenings, too, we have the agony of choice: after the salad and antipasto buffet, the menu of the day offers a variety of entrees and main courses. And if there’s still room, there is always a local dessert to try. Also not bad!

Octopus salad from the buffet

Fine octopus salad from the buffet

Fish on Asparagus

Main course: fish on asparagus

A beignet for dessert

A beignet for dessert

Oh, yes — for you oenophiles…below stairs, there is a tidy wine bar and in the lobby it is naturally possible to let the evening meal end in mellow fashion with an after-dinner cordial :-)

Wine cellar My Arbor Hotel

Wine cellar below stairs

Lounge Bar My Arbor

Lounge Bar My Arbor

My Arbor – not just my dream but also Markus’

With the opening of the My Arbor tree house, not only was my dream fulfilled. Entrepreneur and president of the tourism association Markus Huber with this project realized his own life’s dream: create an extraordinary hotel with nature all around it. He and wife Renate now direct this architecturally unique tree house designed by Paul Seeber of the Architektur Plus studio.

With this new Plose Wellness Hotel — the other name My Arbor goes by — Markus Huber wanted to “liven up” the area, as he puts it, and to work toward upgrading it as a tourist destination. That is because the Hotel perfectly links up with the Plose hiking and ski area and is situated near the town of Brixen.

Host Markus Huber in his My Arbor Hotel

Host Markus Huber in his My Arbor Hotel

The tree house on the Plose viewed from Brixen

The tree house on the Plose viewed from Brixen

Incidentally, the host can be seen frequently in the lobby chatting with his guests. Us, too, he took charge of right after we arrived. The pride shines from his face, as he regales us with a few episodes from the story of how the tree house came about. 

When Markus Huber personally gives us and other hotel guests a guided tour through the Water and Light Festival in Brixen we realize that everyone in Brixen knows him. At every turn, we hear “Greetings, Markus”, “Ciao!”, “Godspeed, Markus.”  It seems we’re doing this tour with a local hero ;-)


My Arbor
Leonharder Strasse 26
39042 St. Andrä, Bozen
Phone: +39 0472 694012

Hiking around the tree hotel

As already mentioned, My Arbor Hotel is situated on the slope of the Plose. You will find there many beautiful hiking areas with splendid views of the Dolomites. All the other things to experience on the Plose can be explored on its website:

Since the train to the Plose was not yet running in early May, we drove up to the Seiser Alm and into the Grödner valley (ca. 1 hour by car from the tree house), to savor the incredibly beautiful Dolomites and their bizarre rock formations from there.

Our thanks go to…

… hotel director and host Markus Huber for the fascinating conversations and the guided tour through the Water and Light Festival.

Hearty thanks also to Sara Dejakum, Sales & Marketing Manager in the My Arbor Hotel, for the hospitality shown us and for organizing our stay.

More images


Eisack valley panorama at sunset

Eisack valley panorama at sunset (out of this world!)

Hangout Suite My Arbor Hotel

Well, then, good night!


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