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Restaurant Anna – Fine Dining in Amsterdam’s Red Light District


Venture into Amsterdam’s ‘de Wallen’ quarter, also known as the red light district, in order to find the Anna restaurant. Among other. The gourmet restaurant is located in two spectacularly renewed monumental buildings and offers relaxed yet stylish and tasty fine dining. Here’s what we had for dinner…

Anna restaurant entrance next to Amsterdam city bicycles

Anna restaurant entrance next to Amsterdam city bicycles

The Anna restaurant is well worth the little adventure the district has on offer. Simply don’t go ‘window shopping’ and you’re safe…

The fine dining restaurant features a varied menu in a stylish environment. The guests, though, are all relaxed and of all age.


Covers in the restaurant

You immediately know that things will be fine once the unexpected amuse bouche makes it to your table. Our tuna roll was all tasty and promising…

For starters we had truffle risotto served with sautéed veal cheek, poached egg and foam of forest mushrooms. And a crispy cylinder of black and white sesame seeds stuffed with tuna tartare served with wasabi cream chesse and a soy sauce dressing.

Man, what a start!

Crispy sesame roll stuffed with tuna tartare served with wasabi cream cheese and soy sauce dressing

Crispy sesame roll stuffed with tuna tartare

As everybody else we indulged in an interesting conversation and were fully surprised when a small ‘intermediate’ showed up: a small plate with ice cream and a nice sauce, hmm…

After our eyebrows recovered we were ready for the main course. We opted for the grilled scallops with Lardo di Collonnata, foam of corn, crunch of popcorn, grilled baby fennel and a mousseline of parsley root.


Grilled scallops and baby fennel

Grilled scallops and baby fennel

Now I’m not too much of a dessert guy but after the previous courses I was just too curious what else the shop had on offer. I opted for the trio of tonka beans, mousse with compote and jelly of red fruit and a coulis of strawberry with strawberry liquer.

Let me describe this in 1000 words…

Trio of tonka beans dessert

Trio of tonka beans dessert


And as if this was not enough already coffee comes with even more delicacies.

Well… good thing we don’t treat ourselves to such gourmet marathons on a daily basis or our personal trainer would be a rich man!

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