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Swiss Beach-Clubbing in the Philippines – Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu


Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu offers hip living by the beach. An Ibiza inspired lush beach club suggests white barefoot elegance at its best. Stylish furniture, decor and lighting make for an excellent stay in Cebu, one of 7107 Philippine islands.

Ranking as the nine largest island of this South-East Asian archipelago, Cebu is a major industrial city hosting the likes of Profood, one of the World’s largest producer of dried mango and other fruit.

But also smaller outlets like renowned Alegre Guitars name Cebu their home.

Moevenpick Cebu Hotel

Marcelo Fernan suspension bridge

Marcelo Fernan suspension bridge

Marcelo Fernan suspension bridge connects bustling Cebu and the small island Mactan. Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan happened to be killed here 1521 in a tribal skirmish. Also Cebu’s Mactan International Airport is situated on the island.

In the beach area, an easy 10 minutes drive from the airport, you will find the two 5-star hotels Shangri-La Mactan Resort and Spa and Mövenpick Mactan Island Resort and Spa. While the first shines in classy ambience and the stellar Cowrie Cove restaurant by the beach, the latter is a trendy beachfront resort with an Ibiza Beach Club, private beach and a hip lifestyle experience.

Ibiza Beach Club deck

Ibiza Beach Club deck

The white Ibiza Beach Club and its wooden deck is at the heart of a relaxed ‘barefoot elegance’ concept promoted throughout the pool and beach area. Its idyllic location together with a wedding gazebo offer perfect conditions for different types of events.

Wedding gazebo and Ibiza Beach Club

Wedding gazebo and Ibiza Beach Club

Renowned Filipino hospitality is the topping… I dubbed them “aggressively friendly”, as in genuinely friendly!

And should things still boil over, you can always try the garden cabanas or one of the semi-submerged aqua seating areas. Relax in style…

semi-submerged aqua seating

Chill in style in semi-submerged aqua loungers!

At night the pier club turns into a blue light and DJ inspired music spectacle.

Mövenpick Cebu's Ibiza Beach Club at night

Mövenpick Cebu’s Ibiza Beach Club at night

“The Sails” All Day Dining Restaurant

The Sails is where you’ll enjoy your famous Mövenpick breakfast buffet. It comprises of several stations with Asian delicacies but also Swiss style müsli. And also the Spanish heritage is visible via tasty Chorizo sausages.

Ferrari styled hotel lobby sails

Ferrari styled hotel lobby sails

As the name suggests you can also have lunch and dinner at The Sails. According to your preferences you may as well want to check the more casual Ibiza Beach Club Indoor – which serves Mediterranean and Spanish tapas together with a nice bottle of wine…

Ibiza Beach Club Indoor's wine selection

Ibiza Beach Club Indoor’s wine selection

Hotel Rooms

The deluxe and suite hotel rooms are elegantly equipped and most of them boast spectacular views of the ocean or vantage points overlooking Mactan Island.

Standard room type hotel bed

Standard room type hotel bed

The presidential suite has a one of a kind view of the jetty port underneath.

View from presidential suite

View from presidential suite

And also the bathroom looks reasonably spacious. Let alone the living room…

Lavabos in presidential suite bathroom

Lavabos in presidential suite bathroom

Presidential suite living room

Presidential suite living room

Too bad these guys — and girls, in modern times — are supposed to work all the time…

Mactan Island / Cebu Activities

Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Cebu is conveniently located beside a jetty port which makes accessing the surrounding dive sites and tropical islands easy.

There are also a few golf courses around but their layout didn’t look all too exciting. I didn’t try them this time around. Mind you, depending on the season you’re already sweating just hanging around somewhere in the shadow…

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This Visit Was Made Possible by…

Thanks a lot Sasha for coordinating my visit and Valentina and Charo for showing me around!

Mövenpick managers Valentina and Charo

Mövenpick managers Valentina and Charo

And thanks to Jessica Esser from the Mövenpick Headquarters for hinting me to this marvellous hideaway!

And last but not least thanks to Stephan Roemer from Swiss tour operator tourasia and Nina Eberth from Singapore Airlines for taking me to the Philippines in the first place!


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