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Asia is a fascinating wonderland of history, architecture, natural beauty and high-tech modernity, all held together by millions of friendly people. Whether you roam through India, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Korea or another country, you will find beauty and excitement everywhere you look.

Asia covers a vast amount of territory, so the best time to travel will depend quite a bit on the latitude of your location and what you plan for activities. Savings are available throughout the year by watching for specials or, in some cases, using a discount code for even better deals.

South Korea

For example, a winter visit to South Korea, which, despite its name, is one of the northernmost countries in Asia, will include very cool winters with snow in many locations.

Spring brings the most tourists, but fall is an excellent time to visit as well, with the same moderate daytime temperatures (around 9°C/48°F), less rain than springtime and beautiful fall foliage in the country.

Indonesia: Jakarta & Bali

Indonesia is much farther south, lying almost directly along the equator. For both Jakarta and Bali, the best time to visit is in the summer, because this is typically the driest season. Between May and early October visitors will find daytime temperatures around 32°C/89°F with lower humidity than the rest of the year. The rainy season begins in mid-October and lasts into April, and weather during those times can interfere with some outside sightseeing.

China: Hong Kong & Beijing

China is located between the two, and is such a vast land that experiences can vary widely. For example, Hong Kong lies along the southern coast and has a multi-cultural history because of its status as a British protectorate for so many years. Consistently ranked as one of the Top 10 Destinations by various travel websites and magazines, Hong Kong offers shopping, dining, history and attractions to suit any desire.

Hong Kong skyline laser light show on top of towers at night

The climate is sub-tropical, with the bulk of pleasure travelers visiting between mid-October and mid-April, when the daytime temperature ranges from 75°F/24°C to 85°F/29°C.

Beijing, on the other hand, is much farther north and also more isolated, so it exudes Chinese culture rather than the more international flavor of Hong Kong. Winter temperatures can be quite cold, dropping to around -20°C/-4°F during the night. The windy spring can bring sandstorms, so the best time to visit here is late summer and early fall. September and October offer moderate daytime temperatures around 16°C/60°F, shorter lines for attractions, and little rain and wind.


Singapore is a popular hub destination for travelers on their way to and from Australia. It’s also a popular entry destination for Europeans despite fierce competition from Hong Kong.

Some recent new venues such as the Marina Bay Sands Casino Hotel and its spectacular Sands Skypark Pool or the Formula 1 race added even more to the destination’s attraction.

Marina Bay Sands Casino Hotel, Singapore, and Sands Skypark pool at sunset

The months around year’s end offer agreable temperatures with high humidity, though.

Nepal, Bhutan, Malaysia, Bangladesh

Smaller countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Malaysia and Bangladesh offer unique adventures to those who prefer off-the-beaten-track experiences. While they may not have the big-city lights of Hong Kong or New Delhi, these Asian countries offer unique travel destinations, gorgeous scenery, and a chance to gain a better understanding of the culture because you’re traveling at a slower pace.


Thailand is the recommended entry point for ‘Asia beginners’. It offers a well tested touristic infrastructure and people usually are used to tourists. Internet connections are ubiquitous.

The season around November/December offers very agreable temperatures for outdoor activities. Diving is also very recommendable!

Mating leopard sharks near Ko Phi Phi island in Thailand

The sea around Phi Phi Island or the Similan Islands offers stunning underwater experiences with manta rays and whale sharks. Or mating leopard sharks, anyone?


Vietnam is a communist country and much less touristic. That in itself is a little adventure, of course…

Rikshaw driver in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) transporting iron cable at dusk light conditions

The countryside is very attractive and the coasts boast spectacular views. But be aware that people usually won’t know English or any other language the rest of us would speak, for that matter.

Fisher boats in Vietnam

Also here, the season around New Year offers gorgeous weather conditions, albeit with a bit hot temperatures around lunch time. E.g. you wouldn’t want to play a round of golf around noon despite their great golf courses…


India in itself is yet another large country sometimes called sub-continent…
Rajasthan lends itself perfectly for India beginners tours. Take an unforgettable and jaw dropping maharaja palace round trip! ‘Awesome experience’ would be a wild understatement…

Boys posing in front of motorcycle in Rajasthan, India

The best season is January through March. If you don’t mind dry heat (and state-of-the-art air conditioned SUVs) you may as well try April and even May. They are way less busy and you enjoy tourist attractions on your own.


The Maldives boast the nicest weather from November through to May. The summer time can be good, too, but rain and storms are much more frequent due to the wet South-West monsoon called ‘Hulhangu’ (May through November).

Manta rays feeding off of Cocos Palm, Maldives, Indian Ocean

Especially divers enjoy one of the World’s most impressive dive sites!

Asia is a destination that should be on everyone’s itinerary because no matter what type of travel you prefer, one of the countries and cities in Asia will give you an unforgettable adventure holiday.

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