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When we airline passengers step into a plane to anywhere, we are mostly unaware of this: For a new flight route to take off takes years of planning! SWISS, on the occasion of its inaugural flight Zurich to Singapore, provided a few glimpses of what it takes for such a “project” to get off the ground:

Imagine completely cutting out expensive hotel costs while also enjoying the space and convenience of a stylish away from home while on your vacation. You can do exactly that by arranging a home swap. Home exchanging is not a new concept (it started in the 1950s) but over recent years has become increasingly popular as more people discover the benefits. By Mark Sealey.

FHR and Pork Pies, a social media agency, conducted a State of Travel Blogging survey among travel bloggers. I was surprised by two of the stats. While it seems obvious that most travel bloggers try to monetize their blogs I was surprised to learn that the majority runs more than one travel blog. We run two travel blogs ourselves for historical reasons (and some others) but I thought that would be an exception, not the rule.

The capital cities of Europe are among the most chic, romantic and fashionable in the world, and cities such as Paris, London, Rome and Barcelona offer magnificent sights, attractions of historical significance and fabulous luxury accommodations. The drawback is that the cost of visiting the most famous European destinations reflects their standing, and as a result vacations in the prime locations are expensive. Clever travelers, however, have long been able to circumvent the crowds and find marvelous hidden treasures in underrated destinations, but without compromising on the quality and level of luxury offered by their chosen spot. By Dave and… is a travel review and hotel booking website focusing on up-to-date touristic information. Originating in Germany a few years back, the site boasts many honest and unbiased reviews from discerning European travelers — which adds a unique value to their services.

Asia is a fascinating wonderland of history, architecture, natural beauty and high-tech modernity, all held together by millions of friendly people. Whether you roam through India, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Korea or another country, you will find beauty and excitement everywhere you look.

Driving holidays are ideal for couples, allowing individuals to explore their country of choice without being restricted to one location. And if you’re thinking about getting away this year, then a round trip could be perfect. Check out these options!

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