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0 is a travel review and hotel booking website focusing on up-to-date touristic information. Originating in Germany a few years back, the site boasts many honest and unbiased reviews from discerning European travelers — which adds a unique value to their services.

Travel Reviews and Hotel Database‘s database contains over 300,000 hotel properties and 2.2 million hotel reviews, providing users with a rather large selection of detailed options. This said, what is particularly striking is the high-quality reviews themselves. For starters, each review is carefully checked for discrepancies by a staff of 200 employees. Furthermore, the approved posts are online for only a year (or two) before being archived to make room for newer, more relevant reviews.

Reviewers’ Profile Pages and Reviews

The most valuable difference between’s reviews and leading competitors (such as TripAdvisor) is the comprehensive profile page offered for all reviewers. Profile pages feature the reviewer’s sex, age range, travel style (i.e. single traveler, family traveler, etc.) plus a linked history of their other reviews, a star rating system and even an option for asking them additional questions.

Walter Schaerer's traveler profile on

Travelers can conveniently select reviews from amongst those that most closely resemble their own travel profile. For example, if you are a family traveling with small children, it would be very valuable to know which hotels feature the best options for kids.

These bonus options have been so helpful to my wife and I that on more than one occasion we have even changed our travel itinerary after reading the reviews for suggested properties at

On this overview (below) of vacations in Sardinia for example, you can even detect a trend amongst customer reviews.

Result list of Sardinia hotels on

And with one simple click, users can read the actual reviews along with commentary, translation details and proof of booking .

Hotel review visualization as offered by

Multimedia Review Content – Images and Videos

Other content shared by reviewers includes photography and video. These options offer users a closer look at the hotel properties and are unbiased compared to officially authorized hotel photography.

Here’s an example of my own opinion of the (excellent) Giardino Mountain Resort in St. Moritz (Swiss Alps).

Walter's Giardino Mountain Hotel photo gallery as available on

Booking Your Hotel

As is usually the case with this type of website, users can book a hotel or resort directly on, just as soon as they have decided on the most suitable option. A final helpful feature that this hotel review site offers is price comparisons between leading hotel portals such as, or


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Walter Schaerer’s extensive background in the travel industry, passionate enthusiasm for photography and a firm belief that luxury destinations can also be affordable; were some of the main factors that motivated him to create the travel blog In his day job Walter is an online marketing manager based out of Zurich, Switzerland.

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