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Miles.Biz Logo allows you to compare flight redemption rates of different frequent flyer programs. Have you ever wondered which frequent flyer program has the best award rates … specifically for the flights you are interested in?

Frequent Flyer Miles Lookup

Many of our readers are keenly aware of the benefits that can be earned by being diligent miles collectors in frequent flyer programs. In fact, many of us will do crazy things, like mileage runs or sign up for unnecessary credit cards, in order to collect more miles so that we can reach certain status level in our programs!

Many of us are even members in multiple programs. While there are many tools and websites out there that will help us maximize how we collect and manage our frequent flyer miles, there aren’t really so many tools that help us spend the miles efficiently, and, let’s face it, some of us have more miles than we will ever spend. According to multiple reports, there are many trillions of miles that are currently unused.

If you are wondering what you might be able to do with your unused miles you might be interested in playing around with the new tool at

Frequent flyer miles lookup pulldown on is a very simple award rate calculator, it allows you to type in any two city pairs and it will determine how many miles are needed to redeem a free ticket between the two destinations. Over 40 frequent flyer programs are being tracked currently and more will be added soon.

Comparison and usage of award rates is especially interesting if you have a high enough miles balance to “purchase” business or first class flights. These flights are comparatively inexpensive if you look at how much cash would be required to buy these seats.

Here are some example routes to destinations that we recently discussed in Frequent Flyer Miles Comparison for Flight Zurich - Denpasar

The tool allows you to quickly compare the rate across multiple programs or you can even create a little custom report by filtering the results based on your own program(s). As many programs do not have their own calculator this really makes looking up rates a breeze. No longer do you have to find the rates tables and figure out which zone a certain destination belongs to.

Frequent flyer programs available for comparison on

If you are in the process of determining which program is best suited for you and are unsure which one to join, you may use the tool to see where you are most likely to earn your dream trip quickly. You are not required to join the program that is most prominent in your home base but you are well advised to join one that will allow you to collect miles as efficiently as possible. So you may look at partners within the big three alliances: Star Alliance, SkyTeam and oneworld. A membership with Star Alliance partner BMI Diamond Club may be more beneficial to you than a membership with United Mileage Plus, it all depends on your travel profile.


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