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Ibiza design hotel Ca Na Xica – white oasis on the “white island”


Ibiza, the “white island”. Now, how on earth did it get that name? Not likely that it came from the new-age white beach clubs. We pondered the question in proper style at the white design hotel Ca Na Xica.

Welcome in white

The white ibicenco-style main building awaits the partying-averse guest in the vicinity of San Miguel in the northern part of the small island of Ibiza. Blue window casements, barely glimpsed behind a centuries-old olive tree, accentuate the dazzling white exterior even more…

Main building of Ca Na Xica at dusk

The white main building during the blue hour

Little chapel at Ca Na Xica

Little chapel at Ca Na Xica

Designhotel Ca Na Xica

Designhotel Ca Na Xica

Garten mit Bougaevilla

The classic Ibizan-style main building

The compact design hotel Ca Na Xica offers a pleasing contrast to the effervescent night clubbing scene in the white beach clubs (we’ll soon present the six best ones in our own little ranking).

On this former estate on nearly 20 acres of surrounding nature you can enjoy the peaceful, rural side of Ibiza. Evidently, the island offers more than “just” partying…

Pool with main building Pool at the Ca Na Xica


Designer suites, olive trees, and more

The main house, rebuilt in the traditional style, and the designer suites that sprawl to the left of the elongated pool, surrounded by centuries-old olive, fig, orange and lemon trees are enveloped in a noble silence.

Fleshy cacti against red soil and the scent of lavender exude that austral feeling. The small spa with bar and man-made beach on the pool’s right side are all you need to completely decelerate on the spot.

Olive trees in the garden Beach lounge Gramineas in the Ca Na Xica garden Designhotel Ca Na Xica Designhotel Ca Na Xica


Ancient history…

With the obligatory “white Ibiza sound” in our ears, a light breeze ruffling our hair, and hands wrapped around an Alhambra beer with its caramel finish, we idly wonder about the peculiar local place names, like “Eivissa“. For that is what the road sign says, should you be inclined to head for Ibiza Town in your rental car. And, it turns out that our hotel is in the vicinity of “Sant Miquel” not “San Miguel.”

As usual, history tells the tale: The Spanish language hereabouts is stamped by Punic, a Phoenician-Carthaginian dialect. It was the Phoenicians who founded Ibosim (Ibiza) sometime around 654 BCE and implanted their culture on the “white island.” This included building white stuccoed houses to shelter them against the big sunlight.

Aha, there you have it!

…and modern

So much for the past; back to the present and our sun lounger at the Ca Na Xica paradise: owners Alex Piella and Carla Espinosa from Barcelona together with Ibiza architect Marc Tur Torres, converted what was then still a small country house in 2015. The modern, cubical additions are done simply and with Nordic-looking furniture. A private inner courtyard opens on the bedroom and bath so that you can shower practically in the great outdoors!

What a way to launch your day!

Garden by the Premiere Suite

Cubical Premiere Suites are hotel additions

Garden by the Premiere Suite
Premiere Suite living room

Premiere Suite living room

Premiere Suite

Incidentally, they peddle the rumor here that the Punic name Ca Na Xica (House of the Little One) originated with a pregnant Carla during the hotel’s upgrading. But, more correctly according to Alex, the farmstead was already named “Casa de Francisca” and, being a bit superstitious, they did not want to give it another person’s name. You don’t rename ships either, because it supposedly brings bad luck!

Restaurant Ca Na Xica

The breakfast buffet is served with plenty of panache in a slightly larger cuboid at the other end of the property. The menu selection is well-rounded: besides the customary jamon iberico and manchego cheese, we were smitten by the bread. It managed to surprise even us spoiled Swiss bread lovers! Super crusty, still slightly warm and fragrant, it comes in many varieties, even ready-made as a little ham bocadillo.


Restaurant Ca Na Xica
Table set with breakfast

Breakfasting in beauty

The kitchen crew passed our favorite “Eggs Benedict test” with flying colors: This is how the dish should look! And taste!

Egg Benedict with jamon iberico

Eggs Benedict with jamon iberico

In the evenings, you can order local delicacies from a small menu. The setting is romantic, the staff highly attentive, and the dishes very much to be savored!

Restaurant Ca Na Xica Restaurant Ca Na Xica during the blue hour Restaurant Ca Na Xica Restaurant Ca Na Xica


And every evening, for that extra little touch, there is always a different bedtime treat beside your pillow.

It can’t get more relaxed than this!

The engaged team around Alex Piella and Carla Espinosa is passionate about one goal only: To make a vacation at Ca Na Xica an unforgettable experience by showing guests Ibiza’s authentic, unspoiled soul…

… to which we can only say: well done!

(And this despite Alex and Carla having no touristic training and having had to learn all the relevant disciplines on their own on the job!)


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