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A 2-lake ramble: Mystical Cresta to picturesque Cauma


We surely have no shortage of mountain lakes in Switzerland. Granted, they’re not always easy to reach  — or it may at least take a respectable hike first. Not so in the case of Lake Cresta and Lake Cauma! Let us show you here how to navigate to them for your mountain waterside enjoyment:

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I love lakes! Whenver we take off on one of our hiking trips, I almost alway pick a route that will take us past an idyllic mountain lake. Maybe it’s the watery element per se, but it may also be the opalescent blue-green color that casts a spell on me.

When fog at our lower elevations was once again in a recent weekend forecast, we took off for sunny (hence fog-less) Graubünden. As we drove in direction Flims we were still weighing our final destination: should we go for smaller, less well known Lake Cresta or the turquoise waters of Lake Cauma instead? Well, why “instead”? You can do both lakes without problem: all it takes is a short hike through a stretch of the great Flims pine forest.

Hiking through the Flims forest

Hiking the Flims forest in the fall

Picturesque Lake Cresta

Lake Cresta sits between the Trin and Flims municipalities. It suddenly opens up before you, ringed by greenery in a small forest clearing. With its abandoned jetty and a raft in the middle of the lake, it strikes me as almost mystical.

Bench with view of Lake Crest

Bench with a view of Lake Cresta

Lake Cresta by Flims

Lake Cresta by Flims


As it were, Lake Cresta is listed as a protected nature landmark of Graubünden Canton and is only reached on foot. But, as promised, it’s an easy hike.

Turquoise Lake Cauma

After a relaxed hike through the forest, we come upon the more popular Lake Cauma. With an islet in its middle and the spectacular turquoise color of its water, it looks somehow paradisical and painterly at the same time.

Lake Cauma by Flims

Lake Cauma in the vicinity of Flims

Lake Cauma by Flims

Lake Cauma by Flims


Here you have our route: Trin-Mulin – Lake Cresta – Lake Cauma – Flims – Felsbach Gorge – Trin-Mulin.

And, here you will find a few more details: a map, altitude, distances and my Walter’s pulse rate during the hike. In total, it took us 4 1/2 hours, but that includes lots of photo opportunity stops and a lovely picnic by Lake Cauma.

For anyone interested in also catching a glimpse of the Rhine Gorge a.k.a. Switzerland’s Grand Canyon (highly recommended!): a little detour between the two lakes will take you via Conn to the “II Spir” viewing platform (“common swift” in the Romansch language). The view is absolutely worth it!


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