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Design Hotel Matthiol in Zermatt, Switzerland


The chalet-style, four star superior Hotel Matthiol sits in quiet surroundings on the outskirts of Zermatt. Rustic and trendy, traditional and modern or even Alpine chic – the Matthiol is a study in contrasts that blend into a very accomplished whole.

And as for the restaurant… Well, read on…


Zermatt nestles at the foot of the Matterhorn at about 1,610 meters above sea level and is one of the most popular of Switzerland’s renowned holiday resorts. Read in our separate review what you can expect.

Matterhorn panorama as seen from the Trockener Steg mountain station

Matterhorn panorama as seen from the “Trockener Steg” mountain station

Hotel Matthiol in Zermatt

The ten double rooms and 13 suites of the Matthiol were designed and furnished with great attention to detail. Rustic wood, noble materials in warm, natural color are set off by daring color combinations. We thought the turquoise colored cowhide rug was really something :-)

Bedside lamps in the Junior Suite of the Matthiol Hotel in Zermatt

Bedside lamps in the Junior Suite

The Restaurant in the Hotel Matthiol

The Hotel Matthiol’s particular charm is not only reflected in the lovingly appointed guest rooms and suites, but also in the head chef’s culinary finesse; Maria Gross and her team create delicacies of the highest order!

Maria Gross Chef Hotel Matthiol

Maria Gross at her culinary best

They use market-fresh products exclusively for their dishes. Whether confitures, pasta or ice cream – the kitchen team serves up house made treats at their finest.

The breakfast buffet already has made its share of late risers’ hearts beat faster: fine, fresh-squeezed juices, a variety of fresh fruit, different breads, cheese varieties and cold cuts. The veal pate is highly recommended…umm, good!

So much for the compulsory program.

Restaurant in the Hotel Matthiol in Zermatt, Switzerland

The freestyle program doesn’t start until evening in the Matthiol. The German language unfortunately fails us in trying to give the food its due…what the head chef dishes up is, in the first place, a first rate piece of visual art. Her creations would in all likelihood sell like hot cakes in some art galleries.

We managed only to stammer something like “Wow! how beautiful, fantastic…” and so on. Then, when we picked up the extra heavy cutlery, quiet set in at the table and people nodded to each other with expressive eyes: We are truly in Zermatt heaven…

As is their wont, when intent on making a real impression on the restaurant guests, they start dinner off with an amuse bouche in a stylish genre.

Amuse bouche in the Restaurant of the Matthiol Hotel

Amuse bouche

That succeeds in quickly escalating the sense of anticipation by two or three notches, but kitchen and service staff— orchestrated by food and beverage manager Florian – then exceed unperturbed even the most demanding requirements.

Between courses, we quickly crib in the 2012 Gault Millaut Guide: It was also very satisfied and awarded 13 points. Well played!

Those who chose wisely opted for an appetizer of scampo of shrimp and couscous with lemon. We will spare you here our maladroit attempts to describe this variation on exquisite seafood cooked à point. It tasted just as good as it looked: juicy, crisp, and varied with the necessary dash of homage to the sea. Matterhorn or not.

Scampo and shrimp Appetizer in the Matthiol Restaurant

Scampo and shrimp Appetizer

While we did justice to the appetizers, they had diverted themselves in the kitchen with an unannounced entrée, probably just as a little learning exercise. To accompany the pigeon leg (!) they brought out rolled up pigeon breast with garnishes whose names have escaped us. It simply lives as a vibrant memory…

Pigeon leg and pigeon breast as entrée

Pigeon leg and pigeon breast as entrée

At this point, all you can do is to sink back relaxed against the comfortable back of your chair. What a feast!

Of course, by no means is the Matthiol crew finished with us. Next came the crowning glory: The beef tenderloin with its bit of osso buco is of the most delicate variety and the accompanying béarnaise sauce is a dream. That the asparagus is going to come up a little short in comparison is to be expected; besides, you can get it anywhere. But the zucchini ring stuffed with red cabbage rounded out everything very harmoniously. Highly recommended!

As a vegetarian, my table mate is more likely to swear by their designer collection of coquilles Saint Jacques with a Heida white wine risotto. The scallops, lightly crusted on the outside but still juicy to the bite, also were said to have achieved a worthy climax.

Scallops in the Matthiol Restaurant


But the little towers of goat’s cheese ravioli with vegetable variations were also said to be well worth being tempted by. Choosing among these main courses was no picnic!!

Goat cheese ravioli with asparagus side

Goat cheese ravioli with asparagus side

After so many palatable courses, we had to pass on dessert. Well, to the extent possible: Someone after all could not resist the delicious collection of chocolates and, interestingly, everyone got to round off the meal with a small saucer of vanilla sauce: a dessert amuse bouche in a way.

Vanilla nosh as dessert in the Matthiol

Vanilla nosh as dessert

Congratulations to hotel director Manuel Berger, Maria Gross and the entire team for this magnificent staging and attentive service!

Wellness in the Matthiol Zermatt

The hotel’s wellness area with steam bath, herbal and Finnish sauna, experience showers, and also a “Black Pearl jacuzzi” is not big but it does the trick.

Finnish sauna in the Hotel Matthiol’s wellness area

Finnish sauna in the wellness area

The peaceful relaxation room with direct access to the terrace is the perfect place to let your soul unwind afterward.

Spa loungers in the Matthiol in Zermatt

Spa loungers


Here are some more photo impressions:

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Prices and availability of the Hotel Matthiol Zermatt.


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