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Our top 6 Ibiza beach clubs – lovely beaches, fine food worth a look


Funny thing about those beach clubs on Ibiza. On the one hand, they strike me as totally trendy and inviting, but then… do you really need that booming bass to go with the delicious seabass? Well, if you don’t go, you’ll never know. So, we went, and here you have the result: our Ibiza beach club ranking.

6. Elements Ibiza

A remote beach club in the island’s north near Cala Benirras which lies north of San Miguel.

Restaurant im Elements Ibiza Beach Club

Restaurant patio with weathered furniture

The advertised seclusion of Elements Ibiza takes nothing away from its parking lot. The traveler paying an off-season visit can’t help wonder what all the giant but empty expanses of parking spaces some distance from the beach signify. And that they charge a 3-euro parking fee on top of it. Gradually it sinks in: they must have a hell of a traffic jam here in the summer…

From a distance, the Elements Ibiza Beach Club looks a bit scruffy. Close-up, it turns out the furniture is merely weathered. But with design pretentions, no less! You’re never quite sure if the faded colors stem from a creative urge or the raspy ocean breeze.

The restaurant with its Mediterranean cuisine comes with a fresh juice bar. The fruit press may make a devilish noise, but the juices come across as heavenly health-wise. That they don’t taste good may have something to do with the healthy ingredients…they can’t help it, I suppose. But then their carpaccio of seabass is that much better for it.

Let it also be noted that madam can book a massage or do some boutique shopping here. In Ibiza, little shops are de rigueur for just about every establishment it seems. Restaurants and beach clubs are no exception. Oh, well, while you’re waiting, at least you can loll on the beach and languidly draw on a cigar. Or something.

Lounge in the Elements Beach Club

Lounge with shopping annex


Table settings in the Elements Beach Club

Table settings in Elements Ibiza

And on we go, heading south now…

5. Nikki Beach

  • Nikki Beach is a phenomenon.
  • A concept.
  • Everybody knows it now.
  • That’s because it’s everywhere!

Just east of Santa Eulària, Nikki Beach rears up before you like a fortress. No more dilapidation or beach shackdom; this is design with a capital D.

Sun lounges, pool, lounges, bar, and restaurant are staged along the sandy shore. As we set foot into the club on a Monday afternoon in the off-season, it is practically empty of people and therefore perfect for our purpose – to serenely sip a flavorful cortado!

And we would have, if the DJane hadn’t made all hell break loose.

Eingang zum Nikki Beach

Entrance to Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach Pool

Nikki Beach Pool


Strand des Nikki Beach Clubs

The beach at Nikki Beach Club

Emptied cortado

These two cortados – espressos Spanish style with steamed milk – gave their all

We wait what seems like an eternity for the young gent in white shorts and suntanned sporty calves, but eventually we do get to slurp our “premium coffee.” Bottoms up!

4. Blue Marlin

Location: West of Eivissa, i.e., Ibiza Town in the local lingo. Logic would have it situated on a beach as well. Because barring that, it wouldn’t be a beach club, now would it? Indeed, we found it located on Cala Jondal.

Wall-to-wall glitterati. Pounding basses already in the parking lot. Maserati everywhere. Noble ambiance, beautiful people, much Champagne, really much! Lots of sunglasses, too. A bit too much testosterone and silicone, too, in any case.

Shrill and spectacular! Must see and worth seeing just for that!

But we make our getaway before too long. It’s a tad too loud and crowded for a hot Saturday afternoon. It’s probably the warm-up for the closing romp later that evening…because at the end of September this island shuts down. Or at least the party clubs do. And with that, the airline connections also dwindle.

Statue in front of Blue Marlin Ibiza

Statue in front of the Blue Marlin Ibiza

Blue Marlin Restaurant Ibiza

In the restaurant

Blue Marlin Ibiza towels and beach lounges

Stylish beach towels and beach lounges

But now it’s on to our Top 3 beach clubs:

3. Cotton Beach Club Ibiza

We’re sunning ourselves on Cala Tarida, a beach in the southwestern part of the island.

The location on an oceanside cliff will blow you away! So will the legendary Ibiza sound – it’s LOUD. We can hardly hear ourselves speak. But the locals, unperturbed, are talking into their smartphones while gesticulating wildly. Or maybe they’re putting on a show. I mean, how can anyone understand them? It’s all Spanish to us…

The staff strikes us as borderline arrogant, probably because the place is REALLY well-frequented. They give us a rather pitying look when we let on that we showed up without lunch reservations.

They try to keep us in a good mood with freshly pressed fruit juices at the bar. Easy does it, we have time, it’s only 3 p.m. and the restaurant is only slowly filling up.

Rescued! We do manage to snag some good service. And a table to go with it. We opt for more fish, this time a fish soup of perch with shrimp and scallop.Top flight fare!

White Vespa in front of the Cotton Beach Club

The Cotton Beach Club’s white Vespa

Entryway to the Cotton Beach Club

Entryway to the Cotton Beach Club

Cotton Beach Club Logo

Cotton Beach Club Logo

Cotton Beach Club Ibiza: View from the restaurant

Beach view from the restaurant

Fish soup with scallop and shrimp in the Cotton Beach Club Ibiza

Fish soup with scallop and shrimp

And the cortado naturally also is of the best. But that’s normalcy in Spain. They definitely have a knack for it.

2. Atzaró Beach

Let’s head diagonally across the island now. That brings us to Cala Nova beach in Ibiza’s northeast.

To visit Atzaró Beach means diving into a very relaxed atmosphere, slightly elevated above the bordering beach.

  • Pleasant (cute) server
  • Hot pants
  • Cool sounds
  • Hot snacks
  • And a boutique. Natch!

Once more with feeling!

Coastal strip in front of the Atzaro Beach Club in Ibiza

Part of the coast line fronting the Atzaro Beach Club

Walter & Katja in the Atzaró Beach Club Ibiza

Walter & Katja in Atzaró Beach Club. Love those sunglasses!

Patio of the Atzaro Beach Clubs

Patio of the Atzaro Beach Club

Chipirones fritters with fruit juice in the Atzaró Beach Club Ibiza

Chipirones fritters with fruit juice (well, why not!)

Cortado coffee in the Atzaró Beach Club Ibiza

Cortados on Atzaró beach

Goes without saying, that the cortado here, too, was out of this world…

And now on to our Top Pick, far and away our favorite!

1. Amante Ibiza Beach Club

Point your rental car toward the island’s mideast to Cala Longa…

The Amante Restaurant belongs to the beach club of the same name. Despite or maybe because here, too, the beautiful and the rich are present in superior numbers, the restaurant integrates style and elegance.

The fish plates are delicious and attractively presented. Absolutely try the sea bass (lubina) from the grill!

The service is classy. If you skip making a reservation (online is fine, too) you can wait in the noble lounge with ocean view and while away the moments doing much seeing and being seen.

The restaurant may feel very small, but it actually occupies several levels on the steep shore. The waiters expertly balance the dishes on their huge trays up and down the white wooden stairs.

Down on the beach, they also have a live band playing, or you can just throw yourself into one of the fatboys lying around and catch some outdoor cinema. Or hang on the beach. Whatever suits.

It doesn’t get any better!

Logo and entry of the Amanta Beach Club Ibiza

Entering the Amanta Beach Club Ibiza

Reception at the Amante Restaurant Ibiza

Well-employed reception in the Amante Ibiza

Waiting lounge of the Amanta Ibiza Beach Clubs

Waiting lounge with style and a view


Dining table with view in the Amante Ibiza Beach Club

Dining table with view

And they tell us there are even more beach clubs in Ibiza! Have a find to share?


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