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2012 is a big year for London, with all sorts of sensational events taking place in the capital. Check out our handy guide to the biggest and best of the summer celebrations, guaranteed to liven up your London hotel break.

Venice is well-established as one of the world’s must-see cities, with its fascinating history, charming lack of roads and luxurious gondolas. Unfortunately, well-established must-see cities are not known for their modesty, and when it comes to budget travel, Venice presents a bit of a challenge due to its often fantastical prices during high season.

South Africa is becoming more and more popular as a tourist destination, with many visitors now taking advantage or relatively cheap prices and accommodation. Whilst there you can get the most from your vacation and see much more of this beautiful country if you hire a car. Hiring a car in South Africa is essential because the public transport system is not brilliant in a lot of the cities – although there have been some improvements since the soccer World Cup that took place in 2010. By Alex Hutchinson.

While the so-called ‘Mother City’ is not usually synonymous with game viewing, Cape Town safaris show an entirely different side to the city. Most visitors to the Cape know about the mountain and beaches, but just two hours outside of the city a genuine safari can be experienced for the chance to see lion, cheetah, leopard, rhino and many other species of wildlife. By Rosanna Johnson.

In the West travelers from the UK have a rather bad reputation when on holiday, and unfortunately this is often for the large part justified. While there are those of us who break the mold, unfortunately the vast majority of us simply don’t travel well (like some beers) and don’t make the most of our holidays at all. By Nick Ball.

Barcelona is a city that revolves around restaurant culture. With so many restaurants available, how can you find that extra special place to eat?

There’s nothing more relaxing for couples than sneaking a romantic weekend away when time allows. Some couples are lucky enough to be able to afford a weekend away every few month, usually the retired or those without children. But for some of us, working hard to pay the mortgage ties us down and limits our holiday budgets. However, your mortgage doesn’t have to be a stumbling block when it comes to booking a luxury weekend away – in fact, it can very much work in your favour. By Katie Sykes.

Yalta in the Ukraine has turned into a modern-day luxurious retreat for travelers looking to escape the doldrums of day-to-day life. Not only will you be drawn in by the beautiful surroundings, but also be tempted to take part in many of the one of the kind activities you’re not likely to do again in this lifetime. Guest post by Andy Johnson.

When snow falls and stays for a while, we call it a winter wonderland. It usually brings with it enormous inconvenience (if you live in Britain), but it’s okay because everything looks nice. There is a place in the world where winter really is a wonderland and a large amount of snow is not inconvenient. It’s also where Santa Claus comes from. It’s Lapland.

We all want a break from our busy and monotonous routine life. Planning for a vacation with family members will surely bust the work stress and will give your children a break from studies. Siting in the lap of nature for a while will help you in getting rid of all tensions and worries of everyday life. Though staycations are in vogue but they are not a good alternative to a traveling vacation. Canada has always been one of the most preferred holiday destinations of the tourists from all over the world.

The luxury travel industry is always changing to reflect people’s needs and desires when it comes to their global travels. Read on to learn how to travel in style with resources like a jet charter and personal guides.

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