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The Secret to Saving on a Romantic Luxury Break Away


There’s nothing more relaxing for couples than sneaking a romantic weekend away when time allows. Some couples are lucky enough to be able to afford a weekend away every few month, usually the retired or those without children. But for some of us, working hard to pay the mortgage ties us down and limits our holiday budgets. However, your mortgage doesn’t have to be a stumbling block when it comes to booking a luxury weekend away – in fact, it can very much work in your favour.

By Katie Sykes.

Home Owners can Benefit from their Property

If you are a homeowner, you can easily join a property exchange community to make the most of your mortgage. Joining a property exchange scheme allows you to connect with other home owners, who are looking to travel too. Your fellow home swappers are situated all around the world, so you are bound to find someone who has the perfect place for you to stay in Paris that would like to come and spend the weekend in the UK. For a small registration fee, you can register for an entire year and swap your home as many times as you like. So a visit to Venice, a perfect weekend in Prague and a beautiful Barcelona break could all be yours for just a fraction of the usual cost. You just pay for flights, and the accommodation is free.

Live the Luxury Lifestyle

Many of the homeowners that are part of a property exchange community are frequent travellers, and often own more than one home. This means that their beautiful holiday homes are lying empty and up for grabs. You can take advantage of this and travel at a time the owner won’t be staying at their property. For absolutely nothing, you could be sipping champagne in a hot tub in Helsinki taking in beautiful views in a property will beat any hotel room you could ever aspire to. What’s more you’ll have the entire place to yourself during your stay so no need to worry about being disturbed by room service, housekeeping or hotel curfews.

Being a Part of the Home Swapping Community

To make the most of the home swapping community, you need to be an active part of it. In order to be accepted in to the scheme you will need to make sure you have a desirable property to put forward. This can be your own home, and can be anything from a designer studio pad to a country cottage for four right through to a city central apartment. You will need to provide some good quality and enticing photographs on your profile. Fellow home swappers look for good holiday making qualities in a home. It’s important that your home can be a place where they can relax, so keep it clutter free. If you have any quirky, historical or luxury features make sure you mention them. Lots of people would love your feature fireplaces or whirlpool bath; even if they are offering a modern mansion themselves they may be looking for a place to stay that’s completely different to their own property.

Getting to know your fellow homeowners before you travel is vital. Property exchange communities allow members to send each other messages and connect on Facebook, as well as giving each other and the properties a rating. This allows everyone on the site to build trust with each other and makes the experience safe and enjoyable. Anyone who swaps their home also needs to sign a professional agreement.

Get Ready to Travel

If you own your home and think it would make a great holiday location for anyone, then get ready to put it on a home exchange site and start planning your romantic breaks away today.

Katie Sykes is a travel writer who has a home in Brighton, UK that she would like to use for a home swap Europe to explore Paris, Rome, and Sicily in the summer.


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  1. Hi Katie,

    Thanks a lot for sharing this post :) I just got married last month and my husband and I were planning on something different than what we were used to be doing and the fact that we’re starting a family shouldn’t be ignored so I was thankful to know some helpful tips to save and enjoy our travels.

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  2. Hi Aileen
    Thanks for your comment and I am pleased you liked the post and it gave you some useful tips. Home Swapping really is a great way for all the family to travel in style!

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