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Sunday Brunch at the Hiltl – Vegetarian breakfast in the Heart of Zurich


Located in downtown Zurich, the Hiltl restaurant offers an eclectic Sunday brunch buffet. At first at least, it may take a bit of getting used to searching for the “normal” brunch staples like eggs sunny-side up or muesli among all the hot, Indian-inspired lentil, chickpea and sundry other dumplings.

And you will definitely look in vain for the fried bacon.

And we’ve also seen bigger cheese buffets. But once you have wrapped your mind around starting Sunday morning by consuming warm vegetarian creations, you’re ready to enjoy this brunch buffet to the fullest!

Ceiling lights and restaurant tables in the Hiltl Restaurant

Restaurant tables at the Hiltl

On Sundays and holidays between 9:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. you can enjoy a rich vegetarian brunch in the Hiltl Restaurant located at Sihlstrasse 28.

The attentive and friendly service (in web-savvy fashion!), the atmospheric decorations and the comfortable seating all contribute to making Sunday brunch an experience.

The ladies start Sunday with a fine glass of Venetian Prosecco di Valdobbiadene from the magnum; the guys go for one of the many exotic fruit juice blends. After all, who among us downs their daily glass of freshly-squeezed apple-fennel-and-who-knows-what-else juice?

Prosecco di Valdobbiabene and Latte Macchiato at Hiltl Brunch

Prosecco di Valdobbiabene and Latte Macchiato for Sunday starters

All who wants to start with cheese, bread, or fried eggs, never mind the many exotic temptations, will find themselves well provided for at the end of the buffet table – or rather its beginning, depending on the point of view. Be sure occasionally to break eye contact from the profusion of well-lit dishes to look up, for there you will behold the usual grains, nuts and other healthy ingredients for your extra-special personal muesli.

Vegetarian brunch buffet at the Hiltl

Vegetarian brunch buffet at the Hiltl

By now you will have strolled up and down the buffet enough times so that on the next turn you will be ready to help yourself to the hot dishes. If you have been to the Hiltl before, you know what we are talking about: all the lentils and peas and dumplings and exotic delicacies in near-infinite variety are enchantingly prepared, and so, the luxury of choice now presents the bigger problem.

But it’s one that you can obviously solve.

Table setting at the Hiltl brunch

Table setting at the Hiltl brunch

The table setting also suggests a dessert course besides the appetizer and main course. Here we could not resist the ripe papayas, the tempting mousses and least of all the cakes (for the cakes, raise your eyes again to the buffet’s upper level.)

Papaya, delicious mousses and cake

Papaya, delicious mousses and cake

The Hiltl vegetarian Sunday brunch costs 57 CHF for adults. Children six years old and under feast free of charge (or they may go draw in the kid’s corner specially set aside for them.) Children age 7 through 12 pay 2 CHF per year of age.

Fifty-seven francs are not exactly a pittance, but in this case, measured by what they buy, this really is a bargain. And either the “crisis” has not yet reached Switzerland or this is a “normal” price for Zurich; in any case, the restaurant was fully booked. Reservations therefore are highly recommended!

From the vegetarian menu

Prosecco di Valdobbiadene
Italy | Veneto | Az. Agr. Scandolera | Paolo Branca
By the glass.

Hot beverages
Coffee | Espresso | Latte Macchiato | Assorted teas | Homemade cocoa
Fresh squeezed
Juice of the month | Indian juice | Tropical | Fitness | Carrot

From the cold buffet
Assorted croissants | Rye bread | Braids | Sweet pastries| Yogurt| Curd cheese | Cheese plate with dried fruit | Fresh fruit | Birchermuesli | Shrikhand | Oatmeal | Granola | Blossom honey | Confitures| Nut salad – large salad bar | Papadam

From the hot buffet
Cheese Quiche | Cook-it-yourself 3 minute egg | Scrambled egg variations | Pancakes | Fried eggs| Assorted Quiche | Aloo Bhaji | Eggplant Curry | Basmati rice | Jalfrezi | Samosa | Kachri | Assorted Sauces and Chutneys | Lemon rice | Jalapeños

Table setting and decorative bench at the Hiltl brunch

Table setting and decorative bench at the Hiltl brunch

Hiltl is online with a web site, Twitter wall and Facebook

Hiltl has quite an advanced online presence: Not only does it integrate the Twitter and Facebook timeline on its website, but in the restaurant as well scrolls the real-time Twitter stream #Hiltl. Obviously, they are confident that most comments will be positive. Now that’s what I call being sure of yourself!

Hiltl Twitter and Facebook timeline

Hiltl Twitter and Facebook timeline

And they also prominently display a link to the Tripadvisor review portal …


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