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How to Spend a Short Break in Brighton and Sussex, England


With something for everyone, Brighton and Sussex has something fun, relaxing or exhilarating to do at any time of the year. If you are only having a short break then you want to see the best bits whilst you are here.

By Tom Clark.

Find an Affordable Luxury Hotel with a Difference

Snooze is luxury stay at an affordable price, which puts a real spin on your expectations of a weekend getaway in the UK. Regarded as the funkiest place to stay in the UK, Snooze is an award-winning boutique guest house located in the cozy heart of Kemptown, Brighton.

If you like to be surrounded by one-of-a-kind cafes and restaurants, then staying in Kemptown will suit you. Each room is completely unique and based on different eras and themes.

This is a great place to spend the weekend if you are tired of generic hotels and bedsits. Enjoy a quality breakfast in intricate surroundings, all just a stone-throw from the beach and city centre at Snooze.

Royal Pavilion and Preston Park

One of the things which makes Brighton such an interesting city to visit is the stunning scenery dotted around the area. You can be on one of the bustling city streets, take one turn and end up in surroundings you would never imagine existed, such as the Royal Pavilion gardens.

The gardens make the perfect place to relax without being too far from all of the action, so you can be shopping again within minutes. The Royal Pavilion is one of the UK’s finest pieces of architecture, based on the Taj Mahal and made fit for a king; it is a marvellous sight, no matter how you look at it.

Preston Park – Whilst you are in Brighton you have to take a stroll around this stunning park. Preston Park is surrounded by many family homes and high value properties where the locals will come to spend the day in the open space.

It sits beside the striking ‘Rockery’, where you will find city-wildlife at its best. The park is just minutes away from exceptional Brighton bus service, which will take you into the city centre in no time.

Trip to the zoo

For a weekend getaway it is great as you can take a break from the city’s shopping hotspots and fast-pace high streets and blend in amongst the meerkats and monkeys instead.

There are always new animals arriving at the zoo, from Colubus monkeys like these pictured here, to red pandas and fennec foxes.
Drusillas Park is one of the leading small zoos in the UK

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  1. Always is a good time to visit Brighton!
    There you can do many interesting things and visitors will find a wide choice of hotels, restaurants and other proposals to have a good time in there.
    I love all of the selected in the article, specially the Royal Pavilion…

    Besides that you can have a look to this useful webs:

    I hope you find it interesting :)

  2. Gioconda Schärer on

    We liked Brighton very much when we visited there a couple of years ago.
    This article show us there is still a lot more to see over there…

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