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Tips for a worthwhile city trip in Europe and what you can do there.

Author Letizia Lorenzetti enjoys visiting cultural cities such as Dresden, Meissen, Vilnius and Milan. But also Bolzano or Antwerp have taken a liking to the busy graphic artist, as her impressive travel reports prove.

Isa and Stefan visited Lisbon as well as Katja and Walter. Rome, Florence and Venice are also among their destinations.

Walter had a look around London, Berlin and Hamburg. Katya in Granada and St. Petersburg.

Other cities in the repertoire are Sofia, Brussels, Edinburgh, Stuttgart or Copenhagen and Heidelberg, where Charlotte drifted from café to café.

After a good deal of badgering, the way boys tend to do, Phoudy finally got around to organizing this year’s guycation. After an elaborate selection process Edinburgh got the nod for our customary city visit.

Since the financial crisis, Iceland’s capital Reykjavik has got a vitreous “harp” – the conference and concert house “Harpa”, located in the harbour area. We got a glimpse of it and gave it a listen.

I know, Rome has much more on offer than just this lengthy piazza that used to see chariot races in the old days. But still, once you’ve seen a couple of Rome’s most important landmarks you may as well sit down, watch the world go by and enjoy Italian style urban scenery on just this very square.

Granada is a vibrant city in Spain’s southern Andalusia region. The university and its young students, pedestrian zones and countless restaurants and tapas bars make for a splendid backdrop of the all famous Alhambra fortress: If you are not afraid of mixing up khalifs and sultans, mosques and churches, visit the spectacular attraction right next to the city center!

San Francisco is a city with limitless possibilities, especially if you’re a connoisseur of the luxurious lifestyle. Though the city is much larger than Union Square, Haight-Ashbury and the Mission District, this post should give you some great ideas for high rolling adventures in The City By The Bay.

Based on a impressions from Google Streetview we were expecting a few small huts in Cairns – instead we were completely blown away when visiting the popular and nicely made esplanade, the Bellavista Marina and stylish restaurants and bars.

Out of a first-time, one-month trip to Australia we spent two days in vibrant Brisbane. Gaging from the ubiquos condo building activitiy, countless luxury car dealerships and the general price level Brisbane must be a boomtown!

Out of a one-month stay in Australia we spent 2 full days in Sydney. The Establishment hotel in the Rocks district near the harbour is awesome, we can highly recommend it.

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