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Tips for a worthwhile city trip in Europe and what you can do there.

Author Letizia Lorenzetti enjoys visiting cultural cities such as Dresden, Meissen, Vilnius and Milan. But also Bolzano or Antwerp have taken a liking to the busy graphic artist, as her impressive travel reports prove.

Isa and Stefan visited Lisbon as well as Katja and Walter. Rome, Florence and Venice are also among their destinations.

Walter had a look around London, Berlin and Hamburg. Katya in Granada and St. Petersburg.

Other cities in the repertoire are Sofia, Brussels, Edinburgh, Stuttgart or Copenhagen and Heidelberg, where Charlotte drifted from café to café.

Longing for spring and curious about where my ancestors came from, upon being opportunely invited by Booking South Tyrol, the independent online booking platform of the South Tyrol Hoteliers and Restaurant Owners Association (HGV), I head south to visit South Tyrol’s provincial capital Bolzano, the Sarntal (Sarn Valley), and St. Ulrich in the Grödental (Gröden Valley). 

In our Swiss latitudes, February would be ideal for a stay in our snowed-in mountains. But for his impending 50th birthday, Walter wanted to be in Venice. February in Venice? Really?

In Dresden, I encountered a proud, historic city with folksy inhabitants and imposing baroque architecture decked out for Christmas. 800 years old, rebuilt and vibrant today, this compact city is also known as the “Florence on the Elbe.”

The classic answer to the question “What are the must-see attractions in Dresden?” normally goes something like this: The baroque Frauenkirche church, the Semperoper opera house, the Residenzschloss ducal palace with its Grünes Gewölbe treasure vault, the Gemäldegalerie art museum, the rococo Zwinger palace and the Elbe river that flows through the city known as the “Florence on the Elbe.”

There are famous Christmas markets aplenty in Germany. First documented in 1434, Dresden’s Striezelmarkt is definitely one of the oldest — and rightfully renowned as one of the country’s most beautiful Christmas markets. Catch it now, it’s only open until December 24!

Don’t forget Milan? That’s right, seriously. It just seemed impossible to me to spend a whole day only focusing on EXPO 2015 and absorbing impressions on the EXPO grounds. That’s why we treated ourselves to a daily portion of Milan. Here are three bites of the city that I found fascinating.

Currywurst (curry sausage) is legend in Berlin and you might say that makes it the city’s culinary emblem. But Berlin in the last few years has turned into a true culinary hot spot and lately it is hotel restaurants that have come into the limelight. We let the following hotels dish up their best for us…

After a good deal of badgering, the way boys tend to do, Phoudy finally got around to organizing this year’s guycation. After an elaborate selection process Edinburgh got the nod for our customary city visit.

Since the financial crisis, Iceland’s capital Reykjavik has got a vitreous “harp” – the conference and concert house “Harpa”, located in the harbour area. We got a glimpse of it and gave it a listen.

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